Speak No Evil, Hear No Evil

It seems that most dominants and sadists want their submissive, bottom, or slave to be vocal while receiving pain.  In fact, I’ve even read a lot of things online here and there about the fact that, during a beating – if the bottom is quiet then they obviously have ego issues.  They want to appear brave and take the beating silently.  For some, this may be true, but a lot of people neglect to remember that as slaves, we are each trained differently.

I’ve played with a couple sadists and a few doms beside my own Master on occasion.  As they love to hear crying, or screaming, or whining in a lot of cases, they will begin hitting me with a pretty firm hand.  I’m really good at being able to handle pain though, and you’re not going to make me cry in as little as a couple of strokes…  Most of the time.  If crying is the actual goal of a session, Master will take his time, and we’ll get there slowly, after a whole lot of warm up and play.

Other people aren’t willing to wait so long for me to cry, and if I do not cry out or sound like the strokes I’m being given hurt me, they will deliberately skip the warm up and just beat the shit out of me until I do.  Master has spent a long time training me though, and teaching me how to keep quiet unless I’m in severe pain.  Bottom line, you’re not going to see tears or hear me cry or do anything but moan unless you take me from zero to one hundred, or we’ve been at it a while, and I’ve hit my pain threshold.

Why has Master trained me to be this way?  For a couple reasons, I’m sure.  The first one being: it pleases him.  That’s really all I need to know, but as this is something I felt like bringing up, I’ll talk about some other reasons that ring true for us.

For another reason: it is difficult.  I can take moderate to heavy blows without uttering a peep most of the time, but some days I have trouble even sitting through vampire gloves without moving, or getting candle wax dripped on me, two things which I consider to be pretty low on the pain scale on their own.  (Obviously dripping wax over sensitive places, or on tender flesh after a beating will hurt more.  As will drawing blood with the vampire gloves or spanking with them, rather than drawing them slowly across skin.)  For Master (and I enjoy it as well), the challenge of the internal struggle I face to not move, or to behave when I really don’t want to, or to remain silent during a painful session of some sort is much more fun than the typical jumping around that many other slaves are trained to do.  I would sooner chip a tooth (been there) than cry, in most circumstances.

I do want to say, that crying itself doesn’t signal the end of a session always either.  Sometimes it is merely the beginning. Sometimes we do go from zero to one hundred, though those times are rare.  Sometimes it is a test.  Sometimes tears will mean that we’re done.  It all depends on what Master wants.

Another reason that Master has trained me (and is constantly training me) to be still is for safety reasons.  Sometimes, having a squirmy bottom means you will have to forgo some more advanced types of play.  If your bottom moves on you, you may not hit where you were aiming (etc), and real problems can occur.

Is it still fun to watch others play the way they choose to play?  Of course!  But, when Master and me are the players, and no one is watching (and Hell, even when they are), this is what makes us happy.  Do I have a big ego because I try to remain silent?  No.  I’m merely following my Master’s orders the best that I can.  For some it is an issue of ego, for others, this is just another part of the game.

3 thoughts on “Speak No Evil, Hear No Evil

  1. You know, I’ve watched play where the sub was still and quiet and while it looks like a lovely ballet I never understood why they played that way. Thanks for an interesting look into it.

    I tried to be silent once but KM prefers that I’m vocal about if I’m enjoying it or not. His sadist desires want noise and feed off of my discomfort. The more I show that I’m accepting it, feeling it and processing the pain the more turned on he gets. He would take silence as an indicator of my boredom now that we’ve been playing so long. *smirks* Nothing he does bores me.

    1. @LunaKM That makes a lot of sense to me. My Master is not a sadist. He doesn’t get off on inflicting pain, per se. He gets off on being dominant, and also on turning on his partner. Pain turns me on. Truth be told, unless I am receiving too much pain for me to handle, it never feels unpleasant to me, or makes me desire to cry out. Part of that is my high pain tolerance, and part of that is my training to be silent.

  2. I’m very glad you wrote this, I actually feel the same way but didn’t realize it until reading this. When I am in scene with my pup, and he just breathes through the pain, I feel like he is exhibiting the highest level of self-control he can. For me, that is more impressive, and makes me more proud of him, then having him wiggle and squirm and make noise. That said, there is a time and place for the noise and squirming, when we’re playing around lightly. But when we’re in a serious scene, I prefer that he does his best to stay focused. My goal is never to make him cry, or to cry out. If he does, then I know it is something I need to address, that it is time to check in with him. I completely respect that other people have different play styles, but this is the one that feels the most natural to me. It is important to always remember that there is no one way, that we all have our own methods and reasons 🙂

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