Serenade Sunday

I’ve never done a themed photo day before, but seeing as how I post sexy pics often, and also seeing as how I have a new kitten, I thought it would be fun to post one (or two) pics a week with our little Serenade in them.  Sabrina may sneak in from time to time, but she’s shy, so it is doubtful.

Serenade And Master

We got two pics of Serenade asleep in Master’s arms like this.  Master says the above picture is the cutest.  I think the below picture is the cutest, because you can see Master’s face in it.  I’m biased though, being his slave and all.

Master and Serenade

I think Master has this adorable sort of “Happy Daddy” look in his face holding her.  Don’t you?

5 thoughts on “Serenade Sunday

  1. oh my they are both such cute photos! I have one with Stella lying on top of Master on the floor one with his face showing and one with it not showing and I find it hard to decide which one is cuter lol. Stella is one of our kitties but she prefers males and seeks their attention anytime one step through door lol Master gets jelous I find it so cute!

    1. @MomoNoHanna Aww that is cute! My Master is jealous too, because Serenade seems to curl up with me a lot more than him. He keeps saying “She doesn’t like me!” lol. She does like him, she just prefers to nap with me. =^^=

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