Pop Plug Giveaway!

It sure has been a while since I’ve done a giveaway, hasn’t it?  Well recently, I was thinking that I’d love to offer you all something that I personally love a lot.  A chance at a Pop Plug!  I reviewed one of these babies a while back, and Master and me still love ours to pieces.  Want to see why you should want one too?  Click here to read my review!

Unfortunately, before we get started, I just wanted to pre-warn you that if you live outside of the continental USA, you won’t be eligable. 🙁  I’m sorry!  However, stay tuned, because I do plenty of international contests as well.

The winner of the Pop Plug will get to choose the size they want!  You don’t want a large like the one I reviewed?  Go for a medium or small, the winner gets to pick.  How awesome is that?  Thank you so much, Babeland, for being so generous!

So, how do you enter?  There will be several ways to get entries, and one mandatory entry.  You must do the mandatory entry in order to be eligible.  Even if you do all the other entries, none of them will count if you don’t do the mandatory entry.

Please also be sure to leave one separate comment for each entry you earn.  NO BLOBS OF TEXT!  I will be using random.org to determine the winner, so if you don’t enter separate comments, some of your entries may get looked over.

One last thing.  Please be patient with your comment posting. Sometimes entries wind up in my trash bin, especially multiple comments.  I will be happy to fish them out for you as soon as I can.

The contest starts today, the 9th, and ends on the 22rd, so get your entries in! 🙂  And now, onto the fun!

MANDATORY ENTRY: Tell me why you want a Pop Plug, and which size you think you’d want if you won. (1 Entry, and you MUST do this to be entered!)

BONUS ENTRIES: Remember, none of these are mandatory.  They can increase your chances of winning, but you needn’t do them in order to win or be entered.  None of these count unless you do the mandatory entry first!

*Leave a comment on my review of the Pop Plugs.  No one word comments allowed.  You needn’t write a book, but it must be at least a full sentence. (2 entries).

*Tweet about the contest.  Use whatever verbage you like, just be sure to link to this entry, and mention what the contest is about.

*Blog (either on your own blog, Facebook, Livejournal, Tumblr, etc) about the contest.  Your blog must be publically visible for it to count!  (10 entries).

*Leave a comment on this post telling me what initially got you interested in anal play.  Be creative, leave me something fun to read, if you like.  (2 entries).

That’s it!  Get out there and have fun, and I wish you luck!


63 thoughts on “Pop Plug Giveaway!


    I would love to win the pop plug because I have always been interested in having an anal plug/toy. i guess really ready myself for play time with my partner.

    I would either want the small or the medium since I am still pretty new to anal, I have done it a few times but it still isn’t the best feeling.

  2. I have always been really curious about anal play because I have friends who rave about it. A lot of them say how it is one of the best orgasms they have ever experienced. I have had some really good experiences with it but at the same time some not so pleasant. More recently it is something that my partner (husband) has began to peak my interest in again.

    (2 entries)

  3. Mandatory Entry

    I would love to win the pop plug because I have always been interested in having an anal plug/toy.

    I would either want the Medium or the Large.

  4. I would like to enter your contest. I would like a Medium if I were to win, while i have done several anal things havent done anything long term and i want to try doing that, hehehehehe


  5. 1/2 I got in to anal play reading about it actually, the thought really turned me on. The Good Vibes sent me some fun factory anal beads for review….it was all down hill from there!

  6. I first became interested in anal play when I got bored with vaginal play.
    I first tried by teasing my entrance with a vibrating bullet and was shocked at how good it felt. Now I’m addicted!

  7. My wife and I just started with ass play, for both of us, and we are liking it. In that case I think we should go for the small size. maybe we will work our way into a bigger one later.

  8. I was giving my wife oral as I often do. While gripping her ass cheeks my finger pushed against her cute, puckered hole. She didn’t say anything so I just kept pressure and it seemed as though she came faster than normal. Since then I regularly penetrate her ass slightly whenever giving oral and she seems to really like it. My own anal play is private for now. Whenever I get alone time I like to kneel down and take a small silver vibe all the way inside while I masturbate. It really makes my solo sessions more intense. I am looking forward to trying this out when I win!

  9. I would love a medium pop plug because my last anal toy accidentally went up in smoke after I forgot that I was boiling it. Sometimes things can get too hot… Please help a lonesome bum find a friend.

  10. (Mandatory entry)

    Id love to try the large plug! I read your review a few months back and it really inspired me to try a plug (never tried before). I tried a small, but would love to have the experience of a larger size. 🙂


  11. Mandatory Entry:

    As a semi-experienced anal player, I love the idea of the pop plug. I can ONLY use 100% silicone products because I’m allergic to rubber and latex (sad, I know). The shape and size of the large plug looks divine and I adore the idea of the handle for easy removal. Until now, I have only seen that feature on rubber or metal plugs. This would be a joy to own and a joy to use.

  12. I used to think the idea of anything going up my bum was soooo not attractive. I can’t remember exactly what got me interested in experimenting with anal, but my Owner certainly had a lot to do with it.

    He told me about how much pleasure can be felt from anal, especially for men and his words motivated me to try. My first plug was so tiny! It was a cute little purple plug that we had much fun with, but it would pop out at random moments because it was so small. The base was too wide to be worn comfortably throughout the house, so before we knew it, we started experimenting with a wide variety of sizes, shapes and materials. Sadly, I developed a severe allergy to rubber and latex, so most of my plugs are now unusable, except for the one metal plug we have left.

  13. I would like to win the pop plug because it seems to be an excellent entry point into anal play. I had the opportunity to engage in anal play with one of my previous partners, but things ended before things really got interesting and since I haven’t had any sex partners since that seemed interested in exploring anal play I’d love the opportunity to take the bull by the horns by myself! I’ve been looking for ways to up the creativity in my sex life lately and if I can do that without even needing someone else (although I trust this would be a lot of fun with a partner as well!) then that would be just great! I’d definitely want a small or medium.

  14. Hi, I’ve been looking for a plug I wouldn’t be allergic to for awhile and I really like the look of the Pop Plug. Your review also made it seem really attractive, I think the small might be the perfect starter plug for me.

  15. I am ready to try a little more anal sex play and think this might be a good way to start. I think the medium size would be great. Thanks! New to your site, and I like it!

  16. I would love to try the large plug! I read your review a few months back and it really inspired me to try a plug (never tried before). Although when I do have the time to experiment I am alone, I have found that it is a wonderful one. So far I have only tried a small, but would love to have the experience of a larger size.

  17. I’d like to try the Medium size… I am pretty new to anal play and I’ve heard a plug can help things be…. easier…. when it comes time for the dildo or dick.

  18. Bonus entry – why I got into Anal play.

    Anal play always interested me… but I was too nervous/scared to try it on my own. When my boyfriend entered the picture, he was happy to get me started and helped me not feel nervous and know what to expect. We rushed things a little and the first time wasn’t so great for me… but now I’ve done some research and know what to do… What I love about anal play is that we both get to do it- he loves to be pegged and he loves to do it back to me. Equal opportunity!

  19. MANDATORY ENTRY: I’d like a pop plug to start out with anal play. I’ve been looking for a first toy for this but I’ve been chicken about spending the money.

    I’d like the small one since I’m just starting out.

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