Livin’ It Up!

This past Xmas, Master and me were sitting at home, when we had an unexpected knock on the door.  Master answered it, and guess what I got?  I was sent a Liv by Lelo from a friend.  I’ve never really loved luxury toys in the past, having bad to mediocre luck with the iRide, the Forbidden Fruit, and a few others.  Lelo is a brand that I hadn’t tried, but I’d been looking at a couple of toys and wondering if they were worth the shot.

The Box Liv Comes In

Liv comes in two boxes.  The first outer box I tossed out.  You could save it if you want to though.  The second box is inside this one, and looks pretty enough for gift-giving.  It is black and sturdy, and the top comes completely off of it to show a tray with Liv safely tucked inside.  In my picture, I showed Liv without a plastic covering on her, but there is a semi-hard plastic tray that comes on top of Liv.  You can save it if you like.

Inner Box, With Liv Nestled Inside

Liv is a petite toy at 7″ in overall length with about 4.5″ being insertable.  The toy is 1 1/8″ in diameter, so size queens will want to stay away.  The beauty of this toy, for me, is not in the girth or length.  It is in how perfect it is for g-spot stimulation.  Liv has a slight curve to her, and as I insert it, she always manages to find my g-spot without any trouble at all.  It is almost as though she was built for my body.

Liv is comprised of two main materials: hard plastic, and silicone.  She comes in green or blue, both with a white handle.  The silicone has a smooth texture, and works wonderfully vaginally.  Because she is so smooth I don’t find that I really need any lubricant to use her comfortably, but if you’d like to use some just be sure to use water based lube, or to cover her with a non-lubricated condom first.  That way, if you choose to use silicone lube with her, you won’t ruin your beautiful new toy.

Liv’s Controls

Not only does Liv have decently strong vibrations (about a three out of five), but she is pretty quiet.  Turning the toy up the entire way and closing a door, I didn’t hear the toy.  However, if someone was in the same room with you, they would most likely hear it on anything higher than a one.  When Liv arrives, you’re going to need to charge her up.  It will take two hours, and the light when you plug her in will switch from blinking to a steady glow when she’s ready.  The toy does come with the cord you need to recharge her.

Once you have the toy all charged up, you’re ready to play.  Thankfully, the toy is easy to operate.  You simply hold down the (+) button for about two seconds until the toy turns on, and you can turn it from about a one in intensity to a three.  Once you have the desired vibration setting, you can use the arrow buttons to pick a pulsation mode if you desire one.  The simpleness and ease of use are great in such a luxury toy, no need to wonder what this button or that does.  Liv is intuitive.

The only drawback Liv really has, in my opinion, is that she attracts lint and dust like mad.  That’s silicone for you though.  Be sure to wash her with soap and water, a toy cleaner, or a 10% bleach solution after you use her, and rinse her well before each play session.  Thankfully, Lelo provides you with a lovely satin bag to store Liv in so that she doesn’t get too dusty between sessions, and it also is great to keep her from touching other silicone toys.

Liv In Her Storage Bag

Not only is Liv good for g-spotting, but I find that she is wonderful to use for play while bound.  Liv is small enough to be able to sneak into crevices a larger vibrator wouldn’t be able to, and yet strong enough to get you off.  I find that during missionary or other positions that you are facing your partner, she is a bit too large.  However, during positions where your partner is taking you from behind, she is wonderful to use on your own to stimulate your clit.  I do not recommend Liv for any sort of anal play because she does not have an anchored base.  However, Liv loves to tickle testicles and periniums.

Liv isn’t the fanciest toy out there, but I love her a lot.  She is strong, holds her charge for about ninety minutes, and is so fun to use.  If you need a good, basic vibrator which is rechargeable and great for g-spot play, giving Liv a chance will not let you down.  5 paws:

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