Fetch The Mousie

That Is A Pig Pretending To Be A Mouse In The Back Left

My period had just ended, and Master had promised me a good game of “fetch the mousie” that night.  I waited eagerly all day, and after dinner and a little bit of cock sucking, Master sent me into the dungeon to wait while he hid the mousies.  While I was back there, I figured I’d change into my wet look tank and maybe a little ruffly black petticoat.  Of course, Master was thrilled.  He said I looked very hot.  Of course, minx that I am, I began to search for mousies on all fours (like I was supposed to), but backwards (my naked bum facing towards him, with my tutu framing it).  I didn’t have my glasses on either, so it was really much more of a challenge than it should be.

I found the first mousie pretty easily, and I mewled triumphantly while crawling to Master, the grey plush dangling from my mouth by its tail.  The next couple of mousies were much harder to find.  One was under the blanket on Master’s chair, one was in the unfolded laundry pile, and another in the plushie pile with Bearbosa.  Being pretty blind without my glasses, I mewed and told Master I found a mousie on the couch.  He said he didn’t see a mousie, and I said it was in his boxers and began licking his balls through the fabric.

“There’s no mousie in there, Kitty!  Now, get back to hunting.”

We giggled, and I began to hunt for more mice.  I found the only white mouse we had sitting on top of Master’s white sneakers, and I found another mousie hidden in my heating pad.  I think that’s where we stopped counting mouses, because Master let me sit in his lap and we kissed and snuggled.  I purred and Master let me lick his cock for a little bit.  Then, he told me to go get a couple of nitrile gloves, some lube, and a cane.

Being desperate for a good thwomping, I chose his largest cane, and brought it back to him.  He smiled, picking it up, and hefting it in his hands.  It had been about a week since he held it.  I guess that’s not a long time to most people, but it is for me!  My heart started beating in my chest, and Master told me to climb up on his leather chair, and kneel facing the back of it.  I did as he asked, it is not exactly the most comfortable position (because the stuffing on the chair has deflated substantially over the years, and you mainly have to lean against a hard “bar” covered in leather), but I knew I was in for the long haul when Master attached the chair’s tether to my collar.

I felt Master’s big, warm paws scrambling over my backside, and scratching, smacking, and rubbing all over me.  I reached up and yanked the kitty ears off my head, tossing them onto the ground.  Master doesn’t like to beat me with them on.  I felt a hand reach down and touch my clit, far too briefly.  Then, I felt the smacks from the cane.

Thump.  Thump.  Thump.

When I am hit with a cane on my ass, it feels like there’s a direct connection from my ass to my clit.  It feels almost (but not quite) as though someone is putting a dull vibrator right against my clit and watching me squirm.  Though, I have yet to come purely from being hit before.  Still, the thumps came harder, smacking my sweet spot, before moving down to my thighs.

Thump.  Thump.  Thump.

I felt my thighs underneath his cane.  I felt them sting just a bit, and felt the pain work its way into my cunt again.  Then, I felt Master’s hand against my clit again.  Very wet now, I wanted his cock inside me.  No such luck, yet.  I heard Master tell me he’d be right back.  I was not gagged or blindfolded, despite the tether, so I wasn’t too worried or anything.  He turned behind us both to steal into the dungeon for a quick minute.  I didn’t know what he got at the time, but I did when I began to feel it slowly work its way inside me.  Liv.

As he worked Liv inside me, rubbing my g-spot, I felt my cunt get gushy and even wetter.  I felt Liv disappear quite a bit inside me, and I felt Master’s hand, stingy as it beat against my butt cheeks one and then the other.

After a few minutes, I turned over and Master played with my nipples pinching them and teasing them as he kissed me and continued to work Liv inside me.  It wasn’t long before he unhooked my collar and told me to kneel in front of the couch, my legs spread, to receive his cock.  He handed me Liv and told me that if I could hold myself up, he would let me play with my clit as he fucked me.  I came really quickly, as I felt Master easing his cock inside my tight hole before pounding away to his own climax.

Who knew an innocent game of Fetch The Mousie could turn into something so..  Satisfying?

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