A few weeks ago, I hurt my gracilis, and the doctor told me to stay off it for a week, and just use ice and anti-inflammatories.  I followed the doctor’s orders, and went back to life as usual last week.  The first day I went back to working out, I just decided to walk at a clip to ease back into exercise.  After about twenty minutes I felt the side of my leg feel like it was tightening up and it started to hurt.  Master thought I should just continue and finish out my half hour, so I did.  I iced it, and seemed to be OK for a couple days.

Last Saturday, I went back to a regular work out for me, which included some high impact jumping.  I was fine for a couple of minutes, but then I jumped up and came down on it hard.  I felt a sharp pain in the back of my leg, and through my hip and in the side of my thigh again.

Master rushed me to Urgent Care, and the doctor who saw us says that I should have probably stayed off my leg longer to begin with, and doesn’t want me to stay on my feet for more than ten minutes at a time.  She gave me Flexoril and I’m supposed to see my regular doctor this coming Tuesday.

Tuesday morning when Master woke up for work, he said his back was bothering him, but he went into work anyway.  After only a couple of hours, he came home from work, and we went to our regular family doctor who prescribed him some anti-inflammatories and a muscle relaxer.  He stayed home from work for a day, but went back on Wednesday.

So basically, things have been really boring around here, with both of us being temporarily out of commission.  The Flexoril I take makes me really groggy and out of it, and so Master and me have mainly been laying on the couch and watching Star Trek, or playing video games when one of us comes out of our “grogginess” enough to sit up.

I’m sure we’ll both be fine, and I’m hoping that the doctor on Tuesday gives me some good news and lets me know a better time line for when my leg should be better.  Master feels strongly that I’ll need physical therapy for my strain, so I’m sure he’s going to ask the doctor to refer me.  Though, the Urgent Care doctor said that my leg may need five or six weeks of healing time before I can go for P.T.  I am just really hoping that it doesn’t take that long.  I’m not good at sitting still, and I’m already really bored, and I haven’t been off of my leg for a whole week yet.  Master won’t let me do my cam work either, until I see my regular doctor and she tells me that I can stand for longer than ten minute increments.  I understand, I do, it’s just that I get so bored in the apartment all day, not doing anything.  I’m so good at being domestic, that when it comes time to sit around, I almost don’t know what to do.

I’ll just have to cross my paws and see what the doctor says.

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  1. I hope you feel better soon. As for PT, have fun. (Of course, I mean that sarcastically.) Personally, I would start PT ASAP. If nothing else they can massage, stretch, and use the tens, (which can even be where you can’t feel it… but then it can hurt a tiny bit, from what I have read on your blog and twitter the pain will be minor and it does feel better afterward) on it to help promote healing…

    1. @Noxserva Thanks for the well wishes. Yeah, I actually don’t mind PT. I’ve had to go twice in my life, once for a broken foot (after it healed, of course), and once last year for my left knee. I’m all for anything that can help get my leg heal faster. I hate being on the sidelines. >.<

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