Is She A Lady? Or A Tiger?

Tiger print is such a sexy print.  Combine it with lace, and make it red tiger, and it becomes irresistable to me.  I had some reservations about the Tiger Print Mini Dress, (I’d heard it ran small) but I’ve always had good luck with Music Legs so I decided to give it a shot anyway.

The garment arrived in a small box with a picture of a model in the dress on the front and back.  The box it came in was about a half inch thick, and looked like the same sort of packaging you occasionally find stockings in.  Taking the dress out of the box, it looks really very tiny.  I was really worried it wasn’t going to fit me at all, and I just left it hanging up on a hanger inside my closet for a week before I was even willing to try it on.  Once I did I really liked what I saw, though.

Tiger Print Mini Dress From The Front

While the dress looks small, its nylon body stretches easily and smoothly over your curves.  The dress clings seductively off your body, and if will show off your curves beautifully.  If you’re not the sort to like skin-tight, or if you’re self-conscious, you may not like the fit of this dress.  I’m a big fan of skin tight though, and I love it!

The dress is made from two materials: nylon, and lace.  The lace doesn’t stretch very much, but the nylon is incredibly forgiving.  It is a thicker nylon than most of the stockings I’ve run across, but is very similar to a pair of stockings in a lot of ways.  Putting the dress on, I’ve gotten my fingernails snagged in it a couple of times and I always get worried I’ll get a run in it, but I haven’t yet thankfully.  The thick nylon saves me on that one, though it is slightly see-through.

Tiger Print Mini Dress From The Back

The back of the dress is has a gorgeous low cut back, and a very pretty criss-cross strap design.  The straps are very thin, but I’ve never had a problem with them feeling uncomfortable, or like they were cutting into me.

One thing which is sort of a drag about the dress is that it minimized my breasts, somewhat.  When I wear this, they definitely don’t look like they are D-cups.  I have worn a bra with this a couple of times (since the dress offers less than minimal support), however, because of the low back, the bra can easily be seen.  If your breasts are larger than a D-cup, you may be uncomfortable wearing this, and you will definitely have no support.

I’m normally the first person to put lingerie in a lingerie bag even when I’m told they are too delicate.  Not this one though.  I decided to handwash it carefully in the sink, and then drip it dry.  The nylon material just worries me when it comes to a washing machine.

Who will this dress fit?  It is a one size fits most dress, and I personally think it’ll fit a wide range of people.  My own personal stats are:

Height: 5’2″

Weight: 145 pounds

Bust: 34 D

Waist: 32″

Hips: 40″

There is definitely room enough for someone a size or two bigger than me to fit this dress comfortably, though it may not come down as far.  A taller girl may not have the dress come down as far either.  The dress comes down about mid-thigh on me, and I love the way it looks and feels.  I would wear it around the house, but I’m always a bit nervous I’ll snag the nylon, so I keep this for playtime only.

This really is a sexy dress that makes me feel super hot when I wear it.  It is comfortable, and sturdier than it looks.  I’m giving it five paws.

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  1. You are so curvy and delicious looking. I could eat you right on up! Seriously. MEOW! You make my kitty purrr! I love your reviews honey! You are one of my favorite reviewers.

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