Leg Update

Hamstring Strain

Master brought me to the doctor to have my leg looked at the other day.  So, as suspected, I have a hamstring strain.  It has been a month since the initial injury, so the doctor is sending me for physical therapy.  She also prescribed me a new anti-inflammatory since I can’t take ibuprofen anymore, and a new muscle relaxer, since I had been on the other one long enough.  I’m really hoping they help.

My leg is improving though.  It doesn’t hurt so much just to stand on it or do regular walking.  (Though, it does a little).  The biggest problem is the spasms that I’m getting from the muscle being injured.  They hurt really badly, and I can’t take a muscle relaxer when I’m alone because I’m incapable of taking care of myself.  Flexoril is total couch lock, for me.

Funny little story.  When we were at the doctor’s and the medical assistant was writing down about my injury, I mentioned that the people at urgent care told me to stay off my leg for about a week (at the time).  She laughed and said “Of course, Faete didn’t do that, did she?” right to Master!  Master chuckled and said that I did.  Although, he left out the part that in order to get me to stay put, he had to chain me into the chair and let me out only for piss breaks.  I’m really glad he left that part out.  That might have been..  Awkward.  It wasn’t even that I meant to be a bad kitty.  It’s just that the Flexoril gives me the giggles, and makes me super hyperactive before it makes me super sleepy.  Figures, eh?  Here’s hoping the new pill doesn’t do that.  A hyperactive kitty on  a bum leg only prolongs healing time, I should think.

In the meantime, Master doesn’t want me to go back to work in my chat room  until the spasms in my leg are gone.  I understand where he’s coming from, but in the meantime, it’s getting a bit hard to be patient.  I will do as I’m told, but I still wish that I could go back to work already.  I love doing chores and stuff during the day, but the truth is that without my chat room, my day is rather dull and quiet.  Oh well, soon enough.  Since I’m sensitive to medication, I took the new anti-inflammatory last night, and we’re going to try the muscle relaxer tonight, when Master is home to monitor me and make sure I don’t have any bad reactions.  He did say that if this new muscle relaxer doesn’t make me sleepy I can take it and then go to work while I’m on it.  We’ll see.

So that’s it in a nutshell.  I’ve been to physical therapy before, since I injured this leg last year somehow too.  Here is hoping that the physical therapy  helps.  I don’t mind the exercises and stuff, so we’ll see how things go.  Thinking positive.

In the meantime, Master’s back is still healing.  It’s been over a week, but he is slowly getting better.  Thank goodness he can do things like bring the heating pad to work, etc. I am hoping his back is totally better soon.  He does seem back to his normal activities, but he’s just in pain now while he does them.  Still, progress is progress.

2 thoughts on “Leg Update

  1. Get better soon Kitty and Master! I know how the back pain is! I fell at the begginning of the week and landed on my back. Still hurts but it is getting better. I’ve done it before but this time it is not as bad lol.

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