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As a lover of Coquette (ok, and petticoats too!) when I saw this petticoat by Coquette I really wanted to try it out.  Unfortunately, it only comes in one size, so it won’t fit everyone.  Still, if you do fit, you’ll find this to be a very versatile piece.

Coquette Petticoat

The skirt arrived in a plain plastic bag.  I threw this away, and hung the skirt up on my lingerie rack for another day.  I really don’t recommend storing in the bag.  The bag was thin and tore easily.  A skirt hanger should suit you fine for this.

I was pleased to find that the material (which is made of 80% polyester, 15% nylon, and 5% spandex) was not super scratchy to my touch, although neither was it super soft.  It doesn’t scratch or feel uncomfortable on my skin, but it does have a certain roughness to it.  Depending on the type of stockings you choose to wear (if any) I would worry mildly about getting a garter belt snagged on this.  It may be best to wear stockings with stay-up tops or sock glue, in lieu of a belt with snaps or clips.

You can wear the petticoat in all sorts of situations.  Bear in mind that the two layers of material are see-through, but you could wear this under a skirt or dress to add volume if you’re looking to use this outside of the bedroom as well as inside.

The skirt will fit a waist as small as 26″ without being stretched.  Stretched it should fit up to a 40″ waist (or hip, if you prefer to wear your petticoat lower down like I do in my picture).  The garment will stretch an additional couple of inches past 40, but that is putting a lot of tension on the waist band, and I think that would be uncomfortably tight.

The length of the skirt is 12″ at the bottom layer, but the top layer is slightly smaller than the bottom, and it is 10″ long.  This would be best worn with short skirts or dresses if you choose to wear it out of the bedroom.  Also, bear in mind that I’m 5’2″, so while the skirt covers my bum, it may not cover your bum if you are a taller person.

I haven’t worn this outside of my house, choosing to wear it mainly in the bedroom.  I’ve worn it a couple of times just around the house looking sexy, but the material is a little bit delicate, so I get worried about snagging it on a rough edge around a sink or cabinet.  The skirt does poof out away from your body slightly, so it is a bit harder to prevent it from scraping along rough edges than other skirts.  I think this looks great paired with some sexy stockings or socks and a skin tight top or a bra.  I sometimes pair it with the wet look tank top or a corset.  Whatever I choose, if Master is home, it doesn’t stay on long!

Coquette Petticoat

The tag on the skirt says to only hand wash this item.  I will say that I put it alone (with no other lingerie!) in a lingerie bag, and I hung it up to dry, and had no problem.  This fluffs right back up into shape and looks great.  Make sure not to put this in the dryer though.  I don’t think it would make it through.

WARNING:  If you have a kitten, it will attack the crap out of this while it is drip drying.  At least mine did.  That was a fun lesson.  I’m pretty sure my kitten thinks her name is “No” now, I yelled at her so much.

Overall, I’m very pleased with this petticoat by Coquette.  I’m giving it five stars.  I only wish it came in a size other than “one size” so it would fit a greater variety of people.Please use the code G5U to get 15% off of any order at EdenFantasys!


This item is from my personal collection.  It was not given to me in exchange for a review.

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