Picture Blog 4

Mini Lord And Sick Panda

When I’m sick, Master puts these panda ears on me. I’m not sure why, ask him, if you want to know.

Physical Therapy went well. Basically, my leg should be back up and running in no time. My hand/wrist needs to be in a brace as much as possible for the next six weeks. It will need PT after that most likely.

My blogs will contain a lot less words until the six weeks are up. I will still post pictures here, and hopefully one review per week. Check out my Twitter feed for my day-to-day brain juice. It is a lot of work typing one-handed, so please be patient with me. I am slowly working on emails, typing no more than ten minutes at a time.

I’m a little down about the whole six weeks thing, but Master points out that if we don’t take care of this now, it’ll get worse. :/ And, luckily, I have a mini dark lord to cheer me up.


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