Serenade Sunday

The Coon!

Our little one just may be a Coon!  Well, a Maine Coon, that is.

Master and me have been noticing that a lot of her characteristics are things we’ve never seen in any cats we’ve owned before.  We thought that maybe Serenade was just an oddity with cool features, but after doing some research, we believe she is a Maine Coon.

Maine Coon kittens don’t look very different from other kittens when they’re small.  There are some differences, but we didn’t know what to look for.  She had long, (super long) fluff between her toes, and Master always teases her that he’s going to trim it.  She actually uses it to “skid” across the kitchen floor, since it covers her toe pads almost completely.  Yes, when I say long, I mean long.

Her eyes are large, and obliquely set, which might be difficult to see in this picture, but if you check the past Serenade Sundays, you’ll see.

Her ears are set high up on top of her head, and have lots of fluff coming out of them.  Master always teases her about her fluffy ears.

Then, there is her tail!  It is fourteen inches long right now, and she’s only seven and a half months old!  It’s really thick and bushy, like a feather duster.  I think you can see it pretty good in this picture.  It is the biggest tail I’ve ever seen on a kitty in person!

She also has a very rectangular body, and after seven and a half months of growing, she is over 34 inches in length from tail tip to nose.  That is a big kitten!  Maine Coon?  Yep.  Master and me both think so.  So, research tells us that our little coon is going to grow rapidly over the next..  Eleven months!  Maine Coons don’t fully mature for four years, but she will do the bulk of her growing in the first eighteen months of her life.  We can’t wait to see how big she gets!

Is she a pure breed?  I doubt it, but it’s possible.  We don’t really care.  Master and me put zero stock in elitism, “true”ness, or “real”ness.  If she’s only 50% coon, she’s still the perfect kitty to us.  I could care less if she was a llama.  We bought her from a shelter, and she was brought in from the wild, so there’s no real way to know for sure where she’s from.  She could be from a breeder, just some wild kitten, or a runaway.  No clue.  We got her when she was eight weeks old, so she’s sort of been growing into her features all this time.  If she’s not 100% coon, she’s still got quite a few of the features, and she is large too!  After seven and a half months she is already almost nine pounds!  We’ve both always wanted to own a bit, huge coon cat, so this is a pleasant surprise to us!  I can’t wait to watch her grow up.  She’s such a sweet, gorgeous little thing.

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