As I mentioned last week, Master and me just celebrated an anniversary.  Nine years since I got my training collar!  Can you believe it?  Me neither, really.  Time goes by so quickly!  Celebrating anniversaries is so fun, and we had a really good time that night, if not for some bumps in the road to start things off.

First off, maintenance had fucked up the day before, and promised they’d show up on Friday (our anniversary) to fix their screw up (Which is a blog post for another day.  Truly!).  I was trying to give them the benefit of the doubt and not pester them about coming by.  3PM came and went and still no maintenance guys.  I knew that they close up shop at 5PM though, so I gave them a call.  They assured me they would absolutely be by that day.  Master came home, and was ready to take me out to dinner, but we had to wait until 5PM for the maintenance guy.  Of course, at ten to five we started thinking they wouldn’t show up, so we called the office, and lo and behold – they weren’t coming.  Figures, doesn’t it?  We were just so annoyed because they promised they’d be there, and we even held off on going out so they could come by.  Great.

Right as we were about to go out the door, Master had to make a quick phone call, and suddenly the phone died in mid call!  Master and me both groaned because we’d need to wait now again before we went out, because we had to call Comcast and have them fix our phone and Internet.  Joy.

Hog Tie With Boot

Well, we didn’t wind up leaving the house until around 6:30 PM when all was said and done, but I should just be glad we were able to go, really.  We were both annoyed and felt like everything was trying to delay our great night!  We got down to the car, and were finally on our way!  When we got to the restaurant, which was a cute little family owned Italian place, Master didn’t give me a menu.  He normally doesn’t let me choose what I’m going to eat, but he does usually give me a menu so that I can just look through it for fun while we wait for him to decide.  I was a bit surprised this time when I didn’t get a menu, but, not unhappily.  It was just more of a reminder of how little choice I had at dinner.  I do like it when he chooses food for me anyway.  He always picks out things which I would never try, but which I almost always like.

He ordered me some hot tea, and he decided he was going to get us a pizza, half with bacon, and half with artichoke hearts.  We’d never had pizza from this particular place.  It was absolutely delicious!  I thought it was super filling, and only ate one slice (which is bizarre for me, because I usually eat two), so I had pizza all weekend long.  Hee hee.  It was soo yummy.

Close Up Of Hog Tie With Boot

We got fried ice cream too, but didn’t like it, so we left most of it behind and then decided to head home.  I was so excited to be home and was ready for the fun playtime Master had in store.  After that yummy dinner I was ready to play for a good while, anyway.

We did a lot of different things, and we didn’t get pictures of it all.  There was sisal rope, and nylon rope, and I spent a good deal of time in a hog tie (it elevates my foot above my heart, you know).  Master also used wax on me, and dripped it all over my back before scraping it off slowly (Ouchie! He he.)  He even took out one of his finger knives, and scratched “IX” into my back, the roman numerals  for “9”.  As a side note, whenever Master uses the finger knives on me, he never draws blood because blood makes him squeemish.  He didn’t draw blood this night either, but he definitely cut me deeper than normal, because the next day I was starting to get a scab that read “IX”, and I was nervous about what the doctor might say at my appointment if she looked under my shirt.  Luckily she didn’t.  =^^=

Clothes Pins

Master also did a lot to me with the clothes pins, they were put in lots of places (cunt, back, shoulders, inner thighs, back of my arms, etc).  I think he even found a couple new places to put them.  God, I love the dull ache as they are removed.  It is so relaxing.  In the picture above, you can see how he put them around my nipples, but not on my nipples.  I’d never had this done to me before.  He’s done it to some other people we’ve played with, but not to me, it felt really good, and a lot more painful than regular clamps or even having clothes pins on my nipples themselves.  I loved it.

After a while he unbound me and started playing with my cunt.  He used his fingers, and a vibrator.  I just love the way he fingers me.  At one point, he had a ball gag on me, and was running the vibrator teasingly up and down my cunt, teasing me, but not doing anything that would make me cum.  I don’t usually like stimulation under my hood, I prefer it over the top of my clit hood.  Well, I don’t know what was going on with me, maybe my orgasms are evolving again, but he accidentally touched me just beneath my clitoral hood, and I came hard and fast.  It was so intense, and neither of us expected it.  After I was ungagged, I explained to Master what happened, and he said that we’d have to experiment with that some more.  We will see how it goes. 🙂

There was cock sucking, and contortionist-esque fucking with my leg high up on the massage table for elevation while Master plowed into me from behind.  I think we were both feeling a lot better and less stressed despite how the night started, because we zoned out quite a bit and crawled into the front room to play video games before going to bed.  As usual, I conked out before Master, but I had a wonderful night.  It was all so fun.  I can’t wait for next year.

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