The Wacky Wabbit

I’ve never been a big fan of rabbit vibes.  It isn’t that I don’t want to be, I do!  The concept is great.  A toy to stimulate two of my most erotic zones?  Here here!  Unfortunately, it just never works out for me, and this is the sad tale of yet another misfire for me.

The Ashley Vibe  from Babeland looked promising.  It is s short vibe with a curve, which looked like the perfect thing for my shallow g-spot.  The toy is not incredibly girthy, but is has a modest 1.25 inches in girth.  For g-spotting, this seemed like the perfect little tool for me.  And, on top of that, it is superbly waterproof.

The  vibrator  boasts a whole lot of different vibration modes.  Twelve, to be precise.  They vary from steady vibrations to roller coaster sensations.  The quality of the vibrations is somewhere between a rumble and a buzz.  They aren’t so buzzy that they will numb you out, but they are not super penetrating or deep either.

Ashley Vibe

The toy is made from silicone and ABS plastic, so it can be sterilized if you want to share it.  (You could also use a condom over the head of the toy, but the clit extension might be difficult to cover that way).  You can clean it with soap and water, a toy cleaner, or a 10% bleach solution.  Do not boil it because it has a motor inside, and that could damage it.  Be absolutely certain to only use water based lubes with this toy, because silicone lubes will wreck the material.

In use, I wasn’t too thrilled with the toy.  While the girth is enough for my preferences when it comes to g-spotting, the length is lacking.  I have a pretty shallow g-spot, but I was just shy of being able to hit it with this toy.  When I couldn’t hit my g-spot with this toy, I turned my attention to trying to just get a regular orgasm, but the toy is too slim for me to enjoy it as a regular internal vibrator.  Not only that, but the clitoral arm was just too short.  While it was pretty close to my clit, it just barely hit it, with the tip of the point.  I’m not a big fan of pinpoint stimulation, so I didn’t really like this.  I had to rotate the toy slightly to get the arm out of the way, because the arm is not really flexible, and therefore you can’t just move it easily.  Since the arm never reached my clit, I didn’t even get to enjoy the lovely little pleasure dots on the end of it.  They are squishy and do actually move a bit.

When it comes down to the end result, this toy didn’t really work for me, but it might work for you.  Some things to ask yourself are:

Do you normally enjoy rabbit style vibes?

Do you normally have a problem with rabbit style toys reaching your clit?  If not, you might like this a lot.

Do you need high powered vibrations?  If not, then this toy might do the trick.

Do you prefer slimmer penetration? If yes, then this might be the one for you.

For bath play, for couple play, for the shower..  This toy may very well be someone’s go-to.  But, it isn’t mine.  I’m personally giving it three paws.  It’s very well built, and incredibly waterproof, but it just is too thin and doesn’t have enough clitoral stimulation for me.Thank you so much, Babeland, for allowing me the chance to try out this toy in exchange for an honest and fair review.

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