When we moved in we had all sorts of issues with the shower in the dungeon. Actually, the toilet didn’t work either, but we managed to fix it ourselves (not really wanting to deal with the maintenance team). Master and me are pretty sure that whoever lived here before us never used that spare bathroom, or they broke it just before leaving and didn’t bother to inform maintenance themselves. Thanks guys, that’s some nice karma you’ve got going on.


Master had me call in the maintenance work myself, seeing as how I’m waiting for my foot to heal still. This way if they come into the house, I’m not missing out on work sitting by waiting for them to show up. Unfortunately, at both complexes we have lived in since moving out to Colorado, maintenance here is absolutely deplorable. (Would you believe they don’t even plow for snow? Obnoxious). We’ve been given the run around, and it always takes a minimum of one week to get even the smallest of issues taken care of out here.

Finally, after waiting forever (slight exaggeration), we got a guy to come out and look at our shower. I was the only one home at the time, and he just barged in without even knocking. (Obnoxious). He mentioned he was there to fix the toilet, and I pointed out that the woman I spoke to on the phone said that they were supposed to fix the shower and toilet both at once. He said that he was only going to fix the toilet. The toilet had been running for almost a week at that point, and Master knew what the problem was, but saw no reason to spend money to fix it. That’s why we live in an apartment complex. The guy opens up the back of the toilet, says he doesn’t see the problem, and that he’ll come back that same day if the toilet starts running again when he leaves. Annoyed, I started to sign the paper saying he’d been there that day, when he says that (oops) he’s noticed that I was right, and he did need to fix the shower that day. (Obnoxious).

So, he goes into the other bathroom, tells me that the other shower was working fine, and that he could turn the dial with no problem. Just to say, Master’s hands are incredibly strong, and he has been able to turn the handle but has struggled with it himself. I’m not sure the guy even checked. He was really aggressive and told me to just sign his paper so he could leave. I should have been more thorough and insisted that he show me it works, but I didn’t. I was just kind of blind sided by his rudeness, and I let him go.

Of course, that night when Master comes home, the toilet is running again, and of course the shower doesn’t work. Master was so angry, I’d never seen him so mad. He asked me to give him a run-down about what happened, and then he called up the main office. I have never seen him so angry!

The poor woman he was on the phone with was being so nice (Master put her on speakerphone), but Master was screaming at her and was at his wits end. Master and me are pretty happy people in general. We don’t tend to let the small stuff get us angry, even if we do get annoyed now and then. When he got off the phone, he was still huffing and puffing and just plain pissed!

I asked him what was bothering him so much. After all, it’s not the first time we’ve been douched over by maintenance before. I pointed out that neither of us had to miss work for this, so it wasn’t that bad because I could be home when they come back for sure. The next thing Master said to me was completely not what I expected:

“I can’t fucking stand when men think it’s OK to pull that shit on girls!”


“He KNEW what was wrong! He knew you did not know what was wrong! And, because he didn’t want to do the work order he made you sign the paper without doing anything!”

“Yeah, but you do that shit to me all the time.” Giggles. “It’s OK. He’s just some asshole.”

“But you are MINE! And I can treat you that way, but not some asshole who doesn’t even know you!”

Fuming. He was just so pissed off. I didn’t mean to, but I smiled a little. He wasn’t angry that I was being treated poorly. He was angry that I was being treated poorly by someone who didn’t have permission to do so. It was really kind of sweet.

So, of course the guy didn’t come back that day. In fact, it took another five days to send someone else out to fix our shower, but having Master stand up for me like that was so hot and beautiful at the same time. I am lucky to have him.

My Prince Charming. <3

* * * *

Later that night, Master and me went out to Five Guys Burgers And Fries. He admitted to me that he felt bad. The guy he really wanted to ream out was not that really nice woman on the phone, it was the fucking asshat that came by the house. He told me he wanted to buy her a cookie or something to say sorry. I grinned, and was really happy he mentioned that. It takes a lot of balls to not only admit you were wrong, but to try to make good on it. And, too few people apologize sincerely when they really ought to.

After our dinner we had to do our grocery shopping, and Master picked out a chocolate gourmet cupcake to bring the woman the next day. He apologized, explained that he was really sorry, he never should have yelled at her, and that he was just angry about the guy who showed up. The woman he gave the cupcake to was over the moon, accepted his apology (and the cupcake), and all was well.

My Fucking Prince Charming. <3

6 thoughts on “MASTER SMASH THINGS!!

  1. Aww man… I’m moving to Colo myself D: And I don’t have a prince charming! Teeheehee! Owners come in handy always <3

    It is times like that in which you see the true colours of people and your Master showed very lovely ones. This post made me laugh and smile :3

    Best regards:
    Neko Chan~<3

  2. Aww :).
    We’ve had so much trouble when I call to hire lawn service or handymen that Master makes those calls himself now dwspite hating the phone. He gets annoyed that they won’t even call me back. He’s monitored my calls to see if I’m doing something wrong but apparently I’m not. Super annoying.

    1. @Lada I don’t really like calling the front desk either. I swear they all just like Master better or something. :/ I don’t know what it is, but things definitely get done better if Master calls instead of me. Since I’m not working at the moment because of my foot though, it’s nice to be able to at least help in small ways like this. ๐Ÿ™‚

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