Foot Update

Sometimes, My Tea Bags Are Too True

Of course I was having tea the other day, and once again my tea bag was pretty spot-on.  You know, one thing I can be really grateful of is that I rarely slip with my tongue.  I say what I mean, and I’ve made mistakes, but overall I’m pretty happy with the fact that I think before I speak more often than not.  Still, this foot slip has cost me an awful lot of time and annoyance.

Anyway, Master and me went back to see the foot specialist for a check up.  We were hoping to walk out of there (no pun intended) with an orthopedic shoe, instead of the giant pain in the butt boot.  The doc didn’t need to x-ray it after all, he did some minor poking around and since the poking caused a ton of pain (in the form of yelps from the kitty), he decided that I should wear the boot for another month, and he’ll see me then to re-evaluate.

I’m a bit bummed about the whole thing.  Not the foot itself, but more by my lack of “purpose”.  I love being able to serve Master, and right now I’m spending a lot more time being waited on, than serving.  Master told me that the most important thing for me to do right now is to heal.  That’s my job, to just heal up so that I can get back to life as soon as possible.  Well, I’m trying, but not without a bit of difficulty!  The biggest problem is that I am no slouch, and sitting around basically not doing anything is driving me up the wall.

I’ve been working on completing some of the video games that have been sitting around with only a couple achievements on them.  Yeah, I’m a completionist.  I don’t usually give up on a game until I have all the achievements, or there’s a good reason why I don’t (like, the server for an online game shut down, etc).  Not that my completion score is phenomenal, but that’s because I don’t have as much time for gaming in my usual life as I’d like, and then, new games always seem to come out before I finish the old ones.  So basically, I’m not up to much, but having games to work on is both distracting, and fun.  I know not everyone will understand, but there’s something very, very satisfying to me about hearing that little “plink” when the very last achievement of a game pops up.  ::Happy Sigh::

Grilled Leeks, Skyrim

Master has been getting creative with cooking lately, I think in an effort to try to cheer me up.  Sitting around all day sounds fun, and I guess it is for the first couple of days.  I won’t lie though.  It got old after a couple weeks (once I finished my Mass Effect 3 play through).  Now I’m bored and just trying to distract myself.  Anyway, I’ve been playing a lot of Skyrim, because that does suck me in pretty good, and always has new things to do.  I’ve never had leeks before, but Master saw a recipe online for  Skyrim style grilled leeks, and he wanted to try to make them for me.  As you can see in the picture above, they came out beautifully and were about twice as delicious as they look!  Nom!  I’m hooked on leeks now, bet you a million billion dollars we get more tonight at the store.  (They’re pretty easy to make too, so that’s a bonus).  Are we geeks?  Absolutely!  Do we know how to have a good time?  YUP!  Will I be eating grilled leeks, and drinking mead later tonight?  You bet!  (Bonus: Depending on the amount of mead I drink, I may not give a single fuck about my foot still being stuck in the boot! Heh.)

The weather here is absolutely gorgeous lately, in the 70’s and 80’s.  It is making me crave hikes and swimming and mountain climbing.  Those are all things I can’t do for now, but it gives me stuff to really look forward to.  I’m sure it’s at least partly because of the boot that I’m so antsy too.  Sitting around makes me want to get up and fidget.  Oddly, I’ve also added a bunch of shoes to my Amazon Wishlist.  I can’t even wear most of them right now, but I’ve become a total shoe whore, staring at them and wishing I was wearing them.  Again, I blame the boot.  I’ve always liked shoes, but I hate shoe shopping (I have a pain in the bum shoe size), and I’m also not like a typical “girl” I suppose.  Most of my female friends growing up had loads and loads of shoes.  I was pretty happy with a couple basic pairs of heels, a pair of sneakers, and a couple of dressier flats.  My Dad on the other hand has huge tubs of shoes in the basement!  We’re talking bins that are five feet long and two feet wide!  Huge!  My Dad must be the one in our family who got the shoe fetish.  Shoes are nice, but I really just like feet.  >:)

So, that’s where me and my little foot are at.  Nothing too exciting for sure, but we’re getting by, slowly.  Here is hoping that in a month, I have better news.  And, an orthopedic shoe.

9 thoughts on “Foot Update

  1. Best of luck. Hope you get better soon and dont go crazy before the next appointment. I know what your saying about it being fun for a few days then getting boring. I’m stuck in a town with no car and no jobs near by so I cant work. I’ve been sitting here for months *groans* cant wait till we move in the summer so I can get back to just doing things outside of the house aside from go walking. sorry I’m rambling lol. Again best of luck.

    1. Thanks @Noba! We live in a smallish town and if you don’t have a car, the stores etc would be too far away to get to. We used to not have a car and had to walk four miles (2 each way) to get groceries.. And carrying them home sucked balls. I hope your move goes smoothly!

  2. In 100% honesty, I looked at that tea bag for a couple minutes, and could find no other meaning than they must be talking about oral sex. Perhaps, one might slip and get some bunghole or something, and they thought that was bad. “Slip of the tongue” never even entered my mind. I’m either
    A: Really, really stupid
    B: Perverted beyond reason

    I hope to God it’s B…

    1. @Gaspar Beyond reason? Not sure that’s possible! High levels of perve-ness are always a good thing in my book. 🙂

      I guess I didn’t see it that way because I like licking starfish. And, by starfish I obviously mean butthole.

      *Pervert high five!*

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