Rub Me Massage Bar

Master and me have always loved giving and receiving massages.  (Who doesn’t?!)  But, we never really found them to be as much of a necessity until moving to a high altitude mountain city.  Dry skin runs rampant in this household now, and we’re always looking for new and more creative ways to get moisture and massages in without making a mess.  While perusing the wonderful sex toys  store MyPleasure, I noticed these great little Rub Me Massage bars.  I’ll admit I was a bit skeptical, but also curious, and I wanted to give it a shot.

Pomegranite Mint Massage Bar

The bar comes in two scents: Pomegranate Mint and French Vanilla.  The one I got was the pomegranate mint, and it smells amazing!  I definitely smell the mint, but to be honest, it doesn’t smell like pomegranate to me.  It definitely has a sort of fruity aroma, and I’m not entirely sure how to describe it, but Master and me both think it smells awesome.

The bar is made from simple ingredients, you can count them on one hand: cocoa butter, shea butter, and fragrance oil.  If you’re sensitive to any of those ingredients, you should stay away.  However, the bar should be suitable for most people.

When the bar arrived, I knew it was here because I could smell it through the box!  If strong smells are a problem or a migraine trigger for you, this may not be the right massage bar for you.  The packaging it comes in is just a simple foil wrapper with a sticker on it.  If you take the sticker off carefully, you can re-use the wrapper when you put the bar away.  If not, you can do what I did and just put this in a ziplock bag for in between massages.

The Rub Me bar is simple to use.  It is designed to melt as it warms up to body temperature.  You could just rub it right onto the body you’re massaging, but Master and me found it easier to just rub it directly into your hands before you apply your hands to the area you’re going to massage.  If you rub the bar directly on the area you’re massaging, we found that it took a couple extra minutes to warm up and melt.  Either way is fine if it works for you, though.

When performing the actual massage, we found that this works really well!  The ingredients provide you with plenty of glide without using up too much of the bar, and the bar doesn’t leave your skin feeling greasy or sticky.  If you used too much, you can wash this off with soap and water without too much work, but it will still leave your skin with a faint smell even after scrubbing.  Luckily for me, I love the scent and don’t mind one bit!

Exactly how many massages your bar will work for depends greatly on what you’re massaging.  The web site says that the bar is good for ten or more uses.  I think that if you’re doing foot or hand massages, or even just back massages, then you’ll probably be able to make the bar last even longer.  Full body massages will obviously make your bar dwindle quicker.   We’ve used the bar several times, mainly for calf and neck massages (our two most tense zones), and there is still more than half of our bar left.  These are pretty inexpensive for how long they last though, so you could always just buy another one when you run out.

Overall, Master and me really love the bar we got.  It smells absolutely wonderful, and makes your skin feel nice and soft without leaving it feeling greasy.  I’m giving it 5 paws:Thank you so much, MyPleasure, for letting me try out one of your great massage products in exchange for an honest and fair review.

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