Burlesque Pasties

Pasties are one of those fun little accessories that lets you feel covered, while still being pretty darned naked.  I own a couple of pairs and they are fun for lots of things.  If you’re a burlesque dancer, these Burlesque Pasties   would be a great piece to add to your collection.  If you’re uncoordinated (like me), they might just be the trick for the bed room, or a cam session.

Burlesque Pasties

The fun thing about pasties is that they are so versatile.  Many women wear them under shirts which are sheer so that you can’t see their nipples.  These particular ones would probably not be the best choice in that sinereo though, because they are bulky and would be more noticeable than a bra.

You can also legally wear these in public in many places.  If you’re going to a   Slut Walk or other public protest you can shield your nipples while still feeling mostly naked.  If you’re going clubbing, if you’re a burlesque dancer, or even if you just want to dress up for that special someone, these pasties are a great choice.

Close Up Of The Sparkles And Bows

Now that you know a little bit about pasties, here’s some info on these pasties.  That is why you’re reading this, right?  The pasties themselves are very, very sparkly!  They are covered in glitter, and it’s a bit hard to see that from the picture where I’m wearing them, so I also included a close up of the pasties themselves, above.  They catch the light in person wonderfully, and make each breast look like a little present.  I love the soft satin bows too.  They are large enough to cover the pasty themselves, but they are not so big as to look funny.  The pasties are two and a half inches across, and should fit a wide variety of nipples.

If you’ve never used pasties before, you’re probably wondering how you get them to stay on.  These ones have adhesive on the back of them.  There’s also a thin plastic film, so you just peel the film off and stick these to your nipples.  Press it firmly for about ten seconds, and you’re good to go.  If you’re just using these in the bedroom, that will probably be enough stick for you.  However, if you’re going to wear these out of the house for any reason, you’ll probably need to go one extra step, and use double sided sticky tape.  I found that on their own, these pasties just don’t stick for long without needing some extra help (constant pressing to get them to stick to your skin).  The adhesive is just too weak, but if you’re not going to be wearing them long anyway, it won’t matter.

What do you do with the double sided sticky tape?  It’s best to make a triangle inside the pasty with it like this:  /_, Then you just press the pasty over your nipples and you’re guaranteed to have them stick unless you want them to come off.  I will say though, that if you have sensitive nipples that the double sided sticky tape might be a bit uncomfortable to take off.  I’ve never had marks left over from the tape or anything like that, and so long as you place the tape on the outside edges of the pasty instead of right over your nipple itself, you’ll probably be fine.  Just a head’s up.  When you’re done wearing them, use the same plastic that comes over the back of the pasties to cover the back again.  This way the sticky part will stay clean, and you can easily just pull off the double sided tape and add some new tape before your next use.  These will be reusable again and again.

These pasties are just so fun and fancy, and have such a classic look!  I love them.  I would give them five paws if the adhesive was just a bit stronger, but everything else about them rocks my world.  4 sparkly paws it is:


Thank you so much, Babeland, for sending me these great pasties in exchange for an honest and fair review

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