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Monopoly At Our House

I was just flipping through old pictures on the ultra computer (the computer where all our files and pictures are backed up), and I came across this.  I can tell it’s from within the past year, because the Evil Stick is a somewhat new device for us.  It’s one of those instant behavior correctors because I don’t like stingy pain as much, and this thing is basically stingy pain to the max.  Master Pravus doesn’t always use it for behavior correction though, sometimes he uses it just for fun (mostly his fun- though, I do like the marks it leaves).

People have asked me about our “kinky board games” before, and we don’t usually take a lot of pictures when we’re playing games so I never really have “show” to go along with my “tell”.  But, above you can see an example of the sort of things we do when we play Monopoly or some other game.  Sometimes Master Pravus will let me out of rent if I show him my tits (if the windows are open and I have to wear clothes), or he’ll just hit me anyway for fun.  Sometimes I get hit if I am sent to jail.  Sometimes I go under the table and lick his toes.  Every game is different.  This is life!  Our life.  And, even something as silly as board games can be turned into kinky time.

Like Master Pravus sometimes says:

“Any time can be kink time.  When in doubt, hit Kitty.”  Hahaha!

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