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Pre-play, Just Getting Gagged and Cuffed Up

Master and me brought the cam in on one of our recent play sessions.  I honestly don’t remember a lot of it because we started out with a nice heavy spanking, and heavy impact play usually sends me into subspace quickly.  Subspace doesn’t lend itself too well for me to remember what happened.  But, I do have pictures, and they do jog some of my memory, though there aren’t pictures of everything.

Red Bum

It’s funny, but, Master and me were talking a couple of weeks ago.  We frequently talk about our sex, our play, and our desires.  Master asked me if I think he hits me hard enough, because sometimes he holds back a bit as he knows he doesn’t know his strength and he is a bit scared to just let loose and beat me.  I said:

“Yes!  I think you hit me hard enough.  Some sessions I feel like I want to be hit more, some sessions I think it’s perfect.  Rarely do I feel that you’re putting me out of my comfort zone though.  I wouldn’t mind getting a couple of beatings which make me very, very uncomfortable.”

And, I don’t know how it came up, but I did voice that I’d love to be beaten for longer amounts of time.  Partially because I’m insatiable, and partially because my ass seems to be “unbreakable”.  I’ve had some pretty serious bruising and some redness that lasted longer than a week on my ass from canes and the heavy wooden paddle, but I rarely get to the point where my ass is just warm and sore for an hour or two after we’re done play.  I know that over time you develop resistance to bruising and redness, but I love the feel of my butt hot and sore beneath me.  Actually, in my entire experience doing BDSM activities I’ve only ever had my ass hurt the next day once, and I only felt it immediately after sitting down, then it was gone.

Well, Master must have taken our talk to heart and he’s begun spending a lot more time just hitting me.  I won’t lie – I absolutely love it, and my cunt loves it too.  I’m a Hell of a lot wetter for the actual sex when I get beaten before we get there.  Sometimes I feel like my body just converts pain into lube.  I love it so so much.

Cunt With Vibe

He teased me quite a bit with the little light up vibe  we have.  I had such a hard time not cumming, but he kept telling me he was going to make me hold out longer than usual that day.  He also did a lot of breath play with me, which is quickly becoming a favorite with us both.  I’m really holding out quite a bit without my body sort of panicking and going crazy, and Master is getting more comfortable with the idea of not letting me breathe.  He has even devised a new way to keep me from breathing which involves a lot less work on his part.  While he can use his hand to stop me from breathing, I can breathe a little bit through it.  His response to that (after quite a bit of experimenting) was to put one of my bigger ball gags in my mouth (nothing smaller than 2″ in diameter), and then to just pinch off my nose.  This way, he doesn’t really have to struggle to keep me from breathing, but I can’t breathe through the gag at all.  I’ve been really enjoying it, and I love how much he is enjoying it too.**

Scratched Up Kitty

After quite a bit of teasing on Master’s part, he had me get up and move to the floor (we can’t have sex on the massage table.  Wish we could though!) I still had the ball gag in, and I spread my legs wide begging him with my body to enter me, while he got up to get a condom.

“Is Kitty hungry for cock?”

I tried to moan, but I couldn’t because my gag is so large it doesn’t let me utter a peep.  I wiggled my hips enticingly, and spread my legs further.

When Master entered my cunt, he told me that now that his cock was inside me, I could cum any time I wanted to.  I would have purred if I wasn’t unable to speak still.  It did not take  long for me or Master to cum.

“What are you doing tomorrow night?”  Master asked me, jokingly.

“Hopefully whatever YOU’RE doing tomorrow night.”  I giggled between happy sighs.



**Disclaimer:  Do not attempt breath play ever, and if you do, it wasn’t because I told you it was a good idea.  It’s a terrible bad idea, and if you do it and get hurt or hurt your partner, it wasn’t because I told you it was safe.  It isn’t safe, although there are ways to make it less dangerous.  Either way, neither Master or myself are telling you to participate in it.  At all.  /Ass Covering

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