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I knew from the moment I saw the Black Romper Bodysuit that it was something that would make Master’s eyes light up when he saw it on me. Master isn’t a picky guy. Give him something black, skimpy, and skin tight, and he is over the moon. Make it shiny? And well.. You’re not likely to keep his hands off of you. Luckily, he loved it even more than I did! This one is going to be used quite a bit, and well-loved for sure.

Black Romper Bodysuit Front View

The romper, which is made by Espiral is meant to fit a 38 bust, a 38 hip, and a 29″ waist in the size large I ordered. I usually order an XL in Espiral lingerie, since Espiral runs small. My own measurements are a 34D bust, a 33 waist, and a 40 hip. According to the size chart, an XL would have been my best bet. I’m glad that I didn’t order an XL though, but I’ll get into that later.

The piece arrived in a simple cardboard and plastic packaging, which was very similar to what hosiery arrives in. I tossed this in the garbage without a second glance. The packaging itself isn’t very subtle, but nor does it have naked ladies on it. There’s simply a picture of a model wearing the outfit. It definitely looks like lingerie. If you don’t want anyone to know you’re buying lingerie, I’d open your box up out of sight of prying eyes.

The material the outfit is made out of is 93% polyester, and 7% elastano. It is very shiny and has a nice wet look style going for it. I do want to say that my camera dulls the shine affect somewhat, but in person this is much shinier. It isn’t like looking at latex, but it isn’t a dull shine either.

The romper is a single piece (as rompers are), but it has a couple of ties to give you a nice fit. The halter part of the romper ties right behind the neck, and there’s another tie right across the middle of the back.

Black Romper Bodysuit From Behind

Getting into the outfit was pretty easy, although a bit of a snug squeeze. The material does stretch, but it really only has a couple of inches worth of give in the lower half, which I think is likely due to the rouching around the tummy. I was a little bit worried that the rouching would make my belly look bigger for some reason, but it’s actually very slimming. Master and me both love it.

However, the bottom of the outfit was a little bit tight for me, and I think (as the size chart says) an XL would have fit me better. The size chart is correct in that a 38 hip would be the most comfortable in this. On the flip side, while it is a bit snug, it isn’t so tight as to be incredibly uncomfortable. I could definitely (and will definitely) wear this plenty in the bedroom without any problems. If I got an XL, this would probably have fit me a lot better in the waist and hips though, and I probably would have been able to wear this around the house for hours at a time with no problems. The material is sturdy, and I doubt it’ll get snagged on anything.

The bust portion of the romper was a bit bigger than I expected though. My D cup breasts fit great, but if I were a DD cup, I would have no issues with wearing this either. I think a DDD could probably fit too, but there will be a bit of side-boob (as my Master so aptly puts it), so that’ll be a matter of personal preference. The strings used to tie up the bust are each 16″ long, so this shouldn’t be a problem for most women. There is no boning in the cups, but there is a seam about an inch long which is double-layered and sits firmly (though not tightly or uncomfortably) against the rib cage where a wire would sit. I found it to be pretty supporting and it worked well for my D cup breasts. However, if your breasts are larger than a D cup, while you might fit, the outfit also might not support your breasts very well. It’s up to you if you want to take that risk. If this is going to only be worn in the bedroom, you might not have issue with it. Still, if this is something you wanted to wear to a club or a play party, it might be more inconvenient.

In the center of the bust is a very pretty double circle in metal. It is decorative, but also acts to hold the keyhole part of the bust together. It is smooth and flat, and comfortable to wear on the skin. There were no jagged edges on it.

I’m petite, at only 5’2″ tall, and I found the body of the romper to fit me pretty well. It will fit as short a torso as 15″ (from beneath the bust to the crotch), but it can also stretch up to 21″ comfortably. If you’re a tall girl, you might find that the body of the romper is a bit too short for you. I think that shorter girls will prefer this romper for that reason.

The crotch of the garment does have what appears to be a cotton liner stitched on top. However, the tag says nothing about cotton, so this is my best guess. If you absolutely must have a garment with a cotton crotch, you may want to steer away from this one, as I can’t be 100% certain.

The romper is very opaque and you could absolutely wear this outside of the house if you were going to the right place. A pair of fishnets and some killer heels would make for an amazing clubbing outfit, if you don’t mind showing some skin. (Remember, the garment has an open back).

To wash this, just put it in a lingerie bag and hang it up to dry. I really don’t recommend putting this in a dryer. In fact, the tag on the garment says to only hand wash, but I had zero issues with my lingerie bag method.

My Size Chart:

Bust: 34-36″ under the breasts, and a D-DDD cup. (However, larger than a D cup may not have enough support).

Waist: 29-33″

Hip: 38-40″ (You’ll be more comfortable in this outfit if you’re 38″, but 40 could wear it too)

Length of garment from the bottom of the bust to the crotch: 15-21″ (stretchy).

I really like this outfit, and I’m going to give it 5 paws. I’m not going to dock it a star for not fitting perfectly in the hips, because that was my fault for accidentally clicking on “L” instead of “XL”.

Please use the code G5U at checkout to get 15% off of any order on EdenFantasys!

This item was not given to me in exchange for a review. It is a piece from my personal collection that I chose to review on my own.

Black romper bodysuit features a halter style silhouette with peek a boo bustline that has double ring detail, curve hugging fully ruched bodice with tie strap open back and cheeky cut bottom.Silicone Stay Up Lycra Fishnet Thigh High. Available in One Size.

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