Toyfriend Mini

The  Toyfriend Series  is one that I’ve had a lot of luck with.  True, there’s a couple of Toyfriends I didn’t really like, but overall I’ve had good luck with them.  When I saw the Toyfriend Mini series, I thought that they looked really cute.  They looked like the sort of thing you could keep in your purse or backpack and have on hand for “emergencies”.  I definitely wanted to try it out.

Mini Bunny, Next To Coney Toyfriend

The Bunny Pink  is cute and small.  It arrived in similar packaging to the other Toyfriends and looks the same as the Coney Toyfriend, just mini-er.  Since I loved the Coney so much, I thought I would really love the Bunny Pink.  Like the Coney, the Bunny Pink boasts a completely waterproof battery compartment.  You need one N battery  for your toy, but the first one comes with it.

The material is a smooth velvety silicone, over a hard plastic.  There is no smell or taste to the toy when it comes out of the package.  You can wash your Toyfriendby using soap and water, a toy cleaner, or 10% bleach solution.  It is non-porous, so if you want to share it with your partner you may, so long as you sterilize it properly between partners.  For extra peace of mind, you could also put a condom over it (so long as it is a non-lubricated variety since most lubricated condoms come with silicone lube, and silicone lube is a no-no for silicone toys, remember?), which is a good idea anyway, since the ears of the rabbit can be a little bit difficult to clean between.

The Mini Toyfriend Really Is “Mini”

The toy is really small, about 5.5″ long, and almost an inch in width.  It fits comfortably is my hand, but in larger hands it might be a bit of a pain in the bum to hold.

Using the Bunny Pink was a bit disappointing, I’ll admit.  The little bunny doesn’t get up to anything above a level 1 (out of five) buzz, which is nothing more than a tease to me.  You could use the rabbit ears one on each side of a nipple or clit, but again, the strength of the bunny just wasn’t there for me.  Unfortunately, this little bunny only has one speed, and that speed is just too weak for most people to get off, I think.  If you’re the type of person who enjoys low vibration levels, this might be a good toy for you, but for me?  Sadly, I don’t think this little fellow is going to get used too much.

I’m giving it 2 paws.  It’s very well made, I love how waterproof it is, I love the texture of the silicone, but this is one of those toys that just couldn’t get me there, and I highly doubt it will get many others there, either.Thank you so much, Babeland, for allowing me the opportunity to review the Toyfriend Mini in exchange for an honest and fair review.

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