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I’m writing this entry at Master’s request.  He thought it was a good idea.  I wasn’t sure I was going to bring all this up, but I will do as Master says.

This week has been trying my patience on a lot of levels.  I try to be optimistic about things, no matter what.  I’m always that annoyingly perky “Oh, things will be fine…” type of person for a lot of things, but this week..  Well.  This week is testing me.

Sunday, Master and me were relaxing and having a pretty good day, truth be told.  All of a sudden, Master came down with a migraine.  This struck me as really off, because Master rarely gets headaches or even migraines, and when he does a little bit of Excedrin Migraine usually fixes him right up.  This time the headache was so bad he had to go lay down in a dark quiet room and sleep it off.  He felt better, but was still “off” the rest of the day.  The next day he went in to work as per usual, but I could tell something wasn’t right when he got home.  He just didn’t seem like his usual self.  He admitted to me that his wisdom tooth was causing him a lot of pain.  I suspected this was the cause of the migraine, so we went out and got him some Oragel.  As it turns out, that lessened the headache immensely.  It doesn’t take algebra to figure out that 1+1 = 2.

I called up the dentist who confirmed my suspicions, and set up an appointment to get Master in as soon as possible for tooth extraction.  He’s had all his other wisdom teeth out, and this is the remaining one.  We had set up an appointment to have it done on a Saturday, but we had to cancel because I couldn’t drive with my foot in an air cast.  Figures.  Now, there was no option but to take him to have his tooth out.

Master has known for over ten years (since back before I met him!) that he needed this tooth out, but the dentists he’d seen in the past all wanted to send him to have general anesthesia and have a dental surgeon do it.  His tooth is really messed up.  It’s partially erupted, but unfortunately it is growing into his jaw.  In order to get the tooth out, he needs to have his jaw partially broken.  Poor Master.  The dentist we have now is really awesome, he’s actually the president of our state’s dental association, and he’s qualified to put Master completely to sleep as well as perform the procedure.  Master felt comfortable with this guy, so he’s been planning on having this done for a while.

That left us with a bit of a conundrum.  Driving with an air cast isn’t against the law, but I knew I wouldn’t really be able to do it with the boot on..  And Master absolutely did not want me to take my boot off.  After much calling around, he figured out a ride to and from the dental office for us both.  Master isn’t allowed to take a taxi, and they insisted on having a family member there with him the whole time.  I totally understand, but that does make it hard.

So today, we’re headed out bright and early to have Master’s tooth out.  I feel so bad for him, worried too, truth be told.  The doctor said that it’s going to be hard to get Master up into the house with all the stairs.  He said that if I can’t help him walk up the stairs (especially with my broken toe), that I’ll be in trouble (because Master is going to have serious trouble walking apparently).  I don’t know what else to do, honestly, that’s the part that scares me most.  They’re even going to wheel him out to the car in a wheel chair, no walking at all.  I have a back up plan, if I can’t get Master in the house myself..  But I’m not even sure if it’ll work.  Ugh.

I have some nerves about how well I’ll be able to take care of Master.  I’m obviously going to do my best, and I would never let him suffer, but at the same time..  My foot is just not healing very quickly at all, and Master keeps telling me to get off of it.  It’ll be an interesting long weekend for sure.  I’ll do whatever is necessary, but I’d be lying to say I wasn’t a little bit nervous.

I guess it all boils down to being over protective of Master.  He is my other third, after all..  I know I wouldn’t want my jaw broken.  I just hope that he’ll be OK.  He’s not even allowed to have any pain medicine for a full 24 hours after his tooth gets taken out, because I guess it could mess around with the anesthesia drugs and give him a bad reaction.  Master is no good at dealing with pain, and I hope that he isn’t in too much.

Last night, Master and me also got a bit of bad news, and we may need to prepare for another visit back home soon.  A very good family friend has cancer, and it wasn’t caught until too late (he thought he had the stomach flu, but it wouldn’t go away).  It is so bad, that he’s in the hospital right now, and there is little to no hope for him.  He has stopped eating, and he’s very, very weak.  I won’t lie and say we were super close or ultra best friends.  But, he was one of the few people who was invited to our teeny tiny wedding.  Master’s Mom says that she’ll buy our plane tickets for the flight out, if need be, but she wants us to be at the funeral.  I really, really do want to go to the funeral, as does Master..  But we’re both worried about him taking more time off from work.  It’s not even the time off so much (as he has plenty left!), but it’s more that he just took two days off with no notice at all, and if we need to take more time off, I honestly don’t know how his work will react.  I can keep saying “Well, nothing bad could happen next..” But, the truth of the matter is, that more bad things keep happening.  That’s life, and there’s no way around it.  I just want Master’s surgery to go well, then I can focus on how my doctor’s appointment will go on Monday (with the foot specialist), then I can (hopefully) worry about our friend.  I feel so bad that he’s doing so poorly.  I really wish we could be there before he goes, or even better, that there’s hope for him to live.  I’m a very positive girl, but, sometimes there isn’t much hope, and holding out on false hope is just a big let-down later.

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  1. Hugggs to you and your M!! i hope He’s doing alright and you’re not making your toe worse!

    i happen to agree with you. There are points when everything goes poorly but then you reach the bottom and that’s it! Nothing else can go wrong or i suppose they could but if you believe nothing else will go wrong, it won’t, at least that’s what i think.

    With an attitude like yours, sometimes when everything is going poorly, it doesn’t even seem like things are cruddy. You would have fun in a garbage dump, i think! =p


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