Calm After The Storm

After hearing about B’s death a couple of days ago, Sarumom panicked a bit, and wanted to fly us out immediately for the funeral.  As I mentioned before, this wasn’t exactly something Master and me were thrilled to pieces about for various reasons.  As it turns out, B’s children are choosing to go against his wishes and they are going to bury him in a private ceremony.  Initially, Sarumom wanted us to come out this coming weekend to just be with her since she was going through so much grief over this, and we completely understood that.  We were making arrangements to do so, when she called and told us she had a better plan.  Instead of coming out when there was no funeral, she decided she wanted us to come out over Memorial Day weekend.  We hung up and talked it over.  We were just out there in December, and honestly didn’t want to go out again in May for a memorial service.  We completely, totally understood why she’d want us to go out now, for a funeral.  But, flights from here to Boston are long journeys, and we didn’t want to fly during such a big holiday.  True, it wasn’t Christmas or Thanksgiving, but it was a holiday nonetheless.  We’ve already changed our vacation plans from Pax this year, to going to Las Vegas with her in the fall.  It’s not that we don’t want to see family, but flying us out there for memorial day was obviously purely because she missed us, but both Master and me think that it’s not up to us to constantly fly out to see our family.  Some of them could come out here.  It’s not a money issue, it’s honestly more that neither of us really likes to fly.  We called up Sarumom and explained that we were looking forward to seeing her for our Vegas trip, but we didn’t want to fly out on such short notice for a memorial service in May.  She admitted (as we had thought) that she just missed us, but would see us in September in Vegas.  That’s really less than six months from now, and we were there just a few months ago.

So, we’re feeling a little less stressed now.  It’s really a weight off of our shoulders to not have to fly back home for this.  We will miss B, but were never very close.  We liked him a lot, and he was one of the few people who was at our wedding, but the fact that he died doesn’t change how often we talked.  I’m not one of those people who pretends that they were best friends with someone just because they knew them once in high school and the person died suddenly in a car crash.  Those stories sadden me, but they don’t devastate me like they can for some.

Master is doing much better.  His tooth still hurts, but finally (after almost a week) the medicines are all catching up with him.  The doctor called us back and told us that he couldn’t believe he didn’t do a refill on Master’s pain meds “You just went through major surgery!  Of course I’ll refill it for you.”  ::Head desk::  Gotta take the victories where we can.  The important thing is that Master is doing better, but he still has a long way to go.  No solid foods for over a week still.  I’m doing my best to make sure that he gets all his medicines on time (antibiotic, pain meds, other antibiotic, ibuprofen), and that he’s eating.  I’ve never seen him like this, but he doesn’t want to eat, he just has no appetite.  I’m sure part of that is the medicines he’s taking for his tooth, but he’s also in pain whenever he eats, so I guess it makes sense.

My foot is moving along.  I am in my orthopedic shoe right now, and I’m walking on my foot with the aid of one crutch.  I’ve never really had an injury this debilitating.  When I got out of the air cast, my leg had atrophied a full inch.  I can’t move my toes in most directions beyond a stuttery sort of wiggle.  Since my foot came out of the dreaded boot of doom, I am definitely walking better even though it’s been only a couple of days, but it’s going to take me a while to get back up to speed for sure.  I have a physical therapy appointment coming up this coming Tuesday (so long as they don’t cancel on me), and I’m looking forward to getting my foot and leg back up to speed.

Everything is starting to calm down over here, and I’m feeling a lot better about things in general.  My foot is definitely slowing me down around the house and making it hard for me to get around, do chores, and even just get from one room to the next.  Still, I’m making progress day by day, and I cannot wait until I am back to “normal”.

5 thoughts on “Calm After The Storm

  1. Thanks for your good wishes. I am sorry to hear your have been dealing with similar issues, on top of your Master’s surgery. My cast is due to come off Monday should everything be in order. Horrendous 6 weeks. I could relate to so many of your last posts. And yeah 1 handed typing sucks.

    1. @Mystress Lady Evyl I can completely understand how horrible your 6 weeks must have been. When I sprained my wrists, at least I was in a velcro brace, not a hard cast. That must have been a nightmare. I am sending you lots and lots of healing wishes.

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