The Tantalizer

NOTE: (To all dominants out there) If you have a kitty girl or boy in the room with you, this would be an opportune moment to get them out of the room.  If you don’t, I will not be held responsible for any squeeing, mewing, or similar when they see what this review is of.

Are the kitty-people out of the room?  Yes?  Good!  I’ve got a real fun one to show you today, and it’s from the awesome adult toys  store MyPleasure.  Have you seen The Tantalizer?

Full View, Including Handle Strap

As you can see, The Tantalizer is a cute feather tickler, designed for use during sensual play.  You can use it in a lot of ways.  Master tried to use it sensually with me, without telling me (I was blindfolded and didn’t know it was coming) – and as it turns out, I didn’t really like the feel of the feathers on my skin.  They felt ticklish to me, and I sometimes have a hard time with being tickled.  Interestingly, feathers don’t usually work for me as a tickling tool.  If you’re the type of person who loves to tickle or be tickled, this could be a really good tool for you.

The main thing we use The Tantalizer for, honestly, is as a toy for kitty play.  Master will tease me with it while I’m not wearing a blindfold, and the kitty in me will pounce and attack it!  After all, to a kitten, it looks sort of like a birdie.  (Side note: Keep this one away from any real furry creatures, or else it’ll be torn to shreds in no time)!

This cute little teaser would be great for anyone who wants to bring a small, soft, non-threatening toy into the bedroom and isn’t sure what they are ready for.  The colors are bright and beautiful and the toy is a joy to look at.

A View Of The Center Of The Tantalizer

The Tantalizer is small, and it fits in my hand with ease.  The strap itself is 5″ in length and can accommodate larger or smaller hands with no problem.  Master can fit it in his larger hands with ease, and I had no problems with it either, with my smaller hands.  The plumes themselves are five inches from the black base that holds them securely, to the tips.  You probably could hide the feathers easily in your hands and surprise your partner with this fun little treat.  There is no metal in the toy, which will allow for easy and discrete travel should you wish to take this on a trip with you.

Master and me both like this toy a lot, so we’re going to give it 4 paws:Thank you so much, MyPleasure, for allowing me the opportunity to try out this toy in exchange for an honest and fair review.

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