Purely Pleasure

A while back I won the Pure Wand from Babeland, and I was so super excited to receive it!  I am a squirter, but I’ve only made myself squirt with a toy twice, and I had heard that the Pure Wand  was excellent for that.  I had read rave reviews on the Pure Wand from many different reviewers, and this one had been on my wishlist  for a long while.

The Pure Wand arrived with the loveliest storage box that any of the toys I’ve had yet have come in.  It is sturdy, and perfect for gift-giving.  I suppose that in order to hold a three pound toy, you’d need something this sturdy.  That’s right, the toy is a whopping three pounds!  It is very heavy and very solid.

Giving the toy a couple of test runs, I will say that it felt really great.  I love to use the larger end vaginally, though, because of the curve of the toy you could also use the toy for anal play or p-spot hunting.  The overall length of the Pure Wand is 11″, but remember, the toy is curved, so you do lose a bit of depth because of that.  The wand is very smooth with absolutely no seams on it.  Many women will find that their own natural moisture is more than enough with this toy, but if you’d like to add a lubricant you may use any type out there, they will all work great with stainless steel.

Once I inserted the toy, I found that it was really easy to use.  The bulb on the end somehow finds my g-spot perfectly every time, and I loved it.  The toy is very heavy though, so you’ll be able to feel even the slightest movements you make.  You can use the toy for thrusting, but be careful, there is no give to the toy and you could bruise your cervix.  I did find thrusting to be a bit awkward though.  I’m a big fan of having my cervix pounded, and I found that due to the heavy nature of the toy, it was difficult to keep the thrusting motion up for very long.  I will say that my wrists have been injured multiple times, and they are weakened as a result.  If you’re the type of person who has very strong wrists, this may not be a big problem for you.  If you have carpal tunnel, or another wrist condition which weakens your wrists you might want to think about a lighter toy.

Did I wind up squirting with the Pure Wand?  No, but for me, that didn’t detract from the experience.  I think that if you’re buying this toy expecting to squirt, then you might be in for a let down.  For some women it works, and for some it doesn’t.  If you’re looking for a toy which has some weight to it, which isn’t likely to break.. Ever.  Or, is non-porous, sharable, and boilable..  Then this would definitely be your toy.  It all depends on what you want.  For me?  This is a five paw toy.  I love it, and will continue to use it over and over.

12 thoughts on “Purely Pleasure

  1. My experience is nearly identical to yours. I’m capable of squirting, and I love the Purewand, but it just doesn’t get me there.

    However, this is thing is so completely gorgeous and functional I don’t even really care. I’m a little disappointed though as all 294029340 reviews I read basically promised me that it causes you to auto-squirt.

    Oh well, this is the best $109 I’ve spent in awhile (I love the case too!!!!).

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