Mushy Gooshy Goodness

Master has long considered his home to be his lose me.  We often joke that we’re hobbits, and I guess it’s true in a lot of ways.  We like simple pleasures in life: food, shelter, snuggling up together – and we even have pigs! The Lord Of The Rings movies have special meaning to each of us in different ways, (and we’re huge fans of the books too, but it is harder to enjoy them together at the same time, like a movie.  Though, I do read to him sometimes) and we watch them all the way through a couple of times per year.  Extended Edition only, of course.

On Master’s birthday, we were watching The Fellowship Of The Ring while eating the cheese fondue we made.  We were chatting and giggling, and then we got to the part where Bilbo was frantic because he thought he lost the ring.  I suddenly got very in the moment with the movie – and I was curious about something.  I asked Master if there was anything he owned that if he lost he would be that frantic.

I’m sure a lot of you are going to see where this is going, but I honestly didn’t.  I had actually been thinking of an inanimate object.  Master and me both have a lot of mathoms, but I was genuinely curious if any of his trinkets or toys were genuinely that important to him.  The only thing I  could think of that came close was his phone.  It’s the only thing he has on him at all times.

He thought about it for about four or five seconds, and he just said simply:


Oddly, it reminded me of one specific time that he had thought he did lose me.  I blushed and kissed him.  Master is such a mushy sap, far mushier than I am (and he freely labels himself as such).  Sometimes I get so lost in him.  To be so precious to someone else, and to feel that the other person is so precious to you as well; that is a true gift.  I don’t think that many others regardless of roles, dynamic, lifestyle etc, honestly have what I have with Master.  I am such a lucky, lucky girl in so many ways.  And, I know it.

7 thoughts on “Mushy Gooshy Goodness

  1. Whoa wait, your master thought he lost you? If that’s not to privet could we hear what happened to make him think that? Just a clips note version. Hope you dont find me rude for asking that. I’m glad he didn’t loose you though, you two are such a cute couple. 🙂

  2. -melts into a pile of lovey kitty gloop- Totally feel the same way. I’d totally go frantic if I lost Fang in whatever case. She’s my lobster. -.^^.-

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