One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Sex Fish

I love fishnet so, so much and this outfit called out to me.  I wasn’t honestly sure how much I’d like the fact that the top is connected to the skirt, but this is an inexpensive item so I thought I’d give it a shot regardless.

The Tag is HUGE. You Can Easily Cut It Out Though.

The (AFF) Fishnet Mini Dress With Shining Pleated Skirt  arrived quickly and I was surprised that in person it looks a lot better than online (it looks pretty good online too, I think).  It is pretty easy to get the garment on, even though there are no zippers, buttons, or other accessories.  I just stepped into it, and the very stretchy fishnet slid right over my hips and bust with no problems. 

The first time I put this on, I wasn’t wearing a bra, and I had to manually fix my titties because my nipples kept getting stuck in between the fishnets!  The holes in the netting themselves are actually much bigger than I’ve seen for most fishnets (baring pothole and similar styles).  I sometimes remedy this by putting on a bra before I put this on.  Sometimes I don’t.  It depends on my mood, but I think that this looks really sexy both ways.

Front View

I’m actually really curmudgeony about my fishnets, and while I love the look, I cannot stand it when they tear.  I know a lot of people find torn fishnets hot, but I’m not one of those people.  I always get nervous when I buy any type of fishnets for the first time because you never know if you’ll get a quality set or not.  I have had fishnets snag within one or two wearings.  I have put this garment through the ringer, both in my cam sessions, and in the Dungeon with Master – even just wearing it around the house, and I have never snagged the material.

The skirt is the least sexy part about the whole outfit.  It isn’t that the whole look isn’t a good one, it’s just that the skirt isn’t as shiny or as crisp as the pictures show.  After one or two washes, the lame skirt seems to take on a dull sheen, instead of the shiny look it arrived with.  I don’t mind terribly, especially since the price was right, but this could be a definite down side if you’re someone who likes the look of this, purely because of the wet look aspect.  I love wet look, but I’m also a fan of fishnets, and for me, that’s what does it for me with this piece.

The belt buckle on this is huge. (2″ wide, and 2.5″ deep!)  Beware! While the stock photos look like there are rhinestones on the belt, there aren’t.  Perhaps the fact that there are no real close-ups on the skirt should have been my first clue.  In lieu of the stones there are just holes painted silver.  It looks fine from afar, but I think it looks silly up close, to be honest.

Close Up Of The Belt Buckle.

My biggest issue with the buckle, though, is that when you hang the garment up on a hanger, the buckle pulls the entire garment down, further stretching the fishnet.  Because of this, I don’t think that the fishnet will last forever if you choose to hang this.  You could also just fold this in half and lay this in a drawer, too.  The fishnet doesn’t take up much room, and the lame skirt is itsy-bitsy.

I’m short – 5’2″, and I find that the fishnet is just a little bit too long for me by about an inch.  While this isn’t a huge issue for me, if you’re shorter than 5’2″, you may want to take a pass on this.  This would definitely be a better length for anyone who is 5’3″ or taller though.  The fishnet material is going to stretch out most likely too, due to the buckle (unless, like I mentioned above, you don’t hang this), so it’s likely that taller people will prefer this one.

Washing this is pretty straight forward.  The garment tag says to hand wash only in cold water.  Drip dry, no bleach, no iron.  It also says the garment is made from 92% polyester and 8% spandex.  I decided to try to put this in a lingerie bag, and it came out fine.  I did decide to turn the garment inside out first though, so that the buckle wouldn’t catch on anything else in the lingerie bag with it, and I had good luck.  Definitely don’t put this one in the dryer though.  The fishnet probably won’t survive.

Size Chart:

Who will this one fit?  I personally bought the size large, so that’s what these measurements will be accurate for:

Length of dress (from center of bust to bottom of skirt): 24″, but it will stretch a couple more.

Bust: 30-40″ (Underbust isn’t important here, as there is absolutely no support.  If it helps you, I wear a 36D bra.)

Waist: 28-34″

Hip: 36-40″ (Due to the fact that I personally am so short, I find that the dress will go past my hips, when it goes on naturally, and then it’s a bit loose.  I remedy this by putting it back up on my hips, but it still seems to slide back down due to the length of the garment.)

Length of skirt from center of buckle to bottom of skirt: 6.5″

Length of fishnet only part: 18″, but can stretch all the way up to 22″ easily.

Strap length: 8-14″ (adjustable).  Of note: I generally find that the straps on garments are always too long for me, but I was able to adjust these ones down small enough, which really makes me happy!

While this isn’t my most favorite garment, and it definitely does have some minor fit issues, I really love it.  It is sexy, allows for easy access for sex or for cam shows, and accentuates my curves in all the right ways.  I’m going to give it three paws.  I will be deducting paws because I dislike how the belt buckle doesn’t actually have any rhinestones in it, and I wish the fit was a bit better.  I’m a huge fan of skin-tight, and this verges on loose for me.  (Despite reading the size chart).This garment was not given to me in exchange for a review.  It is a piece from my own personal collection that I chose to review.

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14 thoughts on “One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Sex Fish

  1. What would you categorize as your OMFG FAVORITE EVER piece of lingerie?

    I don’t think I’ve ever ordered something I feel is above a 7/10.

    1. @Nikki That is a difficult question! My favorite costume is the Little Miss Muffet costume by Lip Service, but you can’t get it anymore (unless maybe you troll eBay or something) because they stopped making it. ๐Ÿ™ My favorite bedroom corset is the Satin Princess Cinch:, because it is so well made, actually sucks you in, and looks very sexy on. I have a lot of favorites that I can’t get online, or are made by companies I’ve never heard of. I like to troll eBay (like a boss), and I find I can get a lot of sexy, quality lingerie cheaply that way. Which works out well for work, and also because Master loves to see me in lingerie. ๐Ÿ™‚

      Good luck Hon!

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