Morning Sex

“Are you my naughty kitty?” He whispered to me, while I sat on top of his cock.  His fingers pinching cruelly at my nipples, one hand on my butt.

“No Master.  I’m your good kitty.”

“Oh  yes?”

“Yes Master.”

“Would a good kitty take this?”  He started fucking me harder while I tried to stay balanced.

“Of course Master!”  I fell forward on his chest and kissed his lips.

“Good Girl.”

Huddled in the soft blankets with him, moaning, only slightly nervous about the curtains which were blowing softly into the room, I felt so so happy.  It was like we were annexed away in our own little sex world, where no one could touch us.  Kissing, fucking, just enjoying each other.  We get so few moments like that.  I rarely enjoy morning sex.  But somehow, that morning, I wanted my whole life to be full of morning sex.  Just me, Master, and pleasure.

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