Master Playing With My Cunt

A lot of women I talk to are terrified of the gasp dreaded speculum.  Not me though.  I don’t like getting my yearly pap (but I do get it anyway, because it’s more important to be absolutely sure I’m healthy than it is to not go because of some momentary discomfort), but it was never the speculum that bothered me.  I fully admit I don’t want anything sharp going into my cunt, whether I’m getting a pap or not!  But, the speculum?  The speculum is kind of hot to me.  I like the idea of being open to Master in a way that I cannot either control, or do myself for him.  Recently, Master and me finally got to use our new speculum for the first time.  We both had a lot of fun.

I do want to mention that neither Master nor me have a medical fetish.  I’ve had enough bad crap happen to me at all kinds of doctors that I don’t get the slightest bit aroused at the thought of going to the doctor.  I just don’t see doctor’s visits as sexy.  Master’s interest in the speculum was not a medical one either, his interest comes from a similar one to mine: he likes the idea of opening me up in such a way as my not being able to “close” even if I wanted to.


He started off warming me up with plenty of caning and a little bit of clit rubbing.  I was super turned on, and even had a couple of marks on my thighs from the cane.  Then, he had me flip over and he inserted the speculum.  I’m normally a lot more.. Dry.. At the doctor than I was with Master, so Master didn’t think not to put any lube on the speculum.  It kept sliding out because of my own natural lube and he had to take it out to wipe it off before reinserting.  I was grateful that he didn’t try to just crank me open to “MAX”.  This first session, he just opened it the smallest possible amount.

I really, really liked it.

Master took a vibrator to my clit and began to really tease me while pinching and slapping my tits around.  I asked for permission to cum (since I had no gag in, this time), but was denied.  I could not believe that the speculum turned me on so much that I wanted to cum around it.  Master put his fingers in there slowly and started to lightly feel around.  He told me it looked soo good to him, and he was so very glad we had the speculum.  I had a feeling he’d like it. >:)  Actually, he’d been talking about wanting one for a long while, so I guess I knew for sure he’d love it.

Cock Sucking Kitty

Back at the beginning of the session he had cuffed me to my collar, and to a hog tie set.  After a couple of minutes with the speculum (My best guess is five or so.  I lose all sense of time though when we play.) he took it out and he wanted me to suck his cock while I was still bound and on the massage table.  (I knew it was no coincidence that he had already set the table to cock height!)  I was voracious for his cock and I swallowed it hungrily.

He had me sit up, and he uncuffed my wrists from the leather hog tie, and used a g-clip to clip my wrists together, and put my wrists behind his neck.  He carried me over to the futon where he did give me permission to cum, and I did cum all over his hard dick.

::Purr::  I hope the speculum gets a lot more use.

2 thoughts on “Speculum

  1. I liked this look so much on you that I actually bought a black version of that hog tie. I can’t wait for it to ship so my partner and I can try it out!!!

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