Dear Dentists:

Dear Dentists,

You are not now, nor will you ever be a “GOD”.

You do not have the right to cause someone pain and anguish on purpose.

You do not have the right to not look in a patient’s chart, and then later tell them that they never told you about their conditions – when they are all listed in their chart.

You may not, legally or ethically, lie to a patient  about injecting them with something they are allergic to, to find out if they really are or not.  The patient’s chart should SUFFICE.

You are not qualified to diagnose a person with any conditions that are not dental in nature.  I.E. If you choose not to believe that a person is allergic to a drug you injected them with, you are not qualified to say they just have anxiety.  If I was completely relaxed right up until you injected me with a drug I’m allergic to – you bet I’m going to jump out of my skin when my heart starts skipping beats and I get arrhythmias.  So will others.  Expect this.

Making a procedure hurt on purpose (when it never, ever has before) to prove some kind of sick point is never OK.

Just because you are “SO good at what you do” does not give you the right to abuse or be rude to your patient.

Just because I show up with a skirt on does not give you the right to cover me in a blanket for “indecent dress“.  Especially if the skirt is past or to the knee.  You’re being obnoxious.  Stop it.

If you inject me with something I’ve already told you I am allergic to, then I will lose all trust I had in you.  Believe me when I say that I don’t give a fuck whether or not it annoys you that I make you show me the needle each time you inject me with something.

Some of you really, really suck at injections.

Waiting until I have a serious medical event in your dental chair before you take me and my medical conditions seriously, is absolutely NOT OK.  I don’t know where you get off waiting until bad shit happens, but you have no right to place me in such a dangerous position.

I am sick and tired of not being able to trust each dentist I see.  Ever since I became an adult and needed to find a dentist, each one of you has lied to me, and some of you have deliberately given me drugs I explicitly told you I couldn’t take.  I’m not making up what drugs I can’t take for fun.  I’m telling you I can’t take them, because I have serious medical reactions to them.  You cannot just decide to inject me with something in order to make your job “easier.”  I guarantee when I faint or shake uncontrollably (possibly leading up to fainting or a seizure) that your job will be a whole lot harder for you.

I don’t know what it is with you dentists.  You seem to think that you can ignore any diagnosis I take to you from another specialist.  Tell you what.  When I need my heart checked out, I’ll go to a cardiologist, and when I need my teeth drilled – I’ll go to you.  This seems to be one of the most pretentious professions out there.  THERE IS NEVER A CIRCUMSTANCE OR PROCEDURE IN WHICH IT IS OK TO GIVE A PATIENT SOMETHING THEY ARE ALLERGIC TO!

The messed up part is, I’m not exaggerating, and this has happened to me with no less than three dentists.  I’m not sure what to do anymore, because I have a medical condition which means that my teeth decay easily, regardless of how much I brush and floss (which is a LOT, and I have prescription fluoride, too), and I need a lot of dental work.  I rarely go a month without a dental appointment of some kind.  Oh, and one of my teeth is really hurting me right now as I write this.

I am starting to lose faith in the dental profession as a whole.  I am hurt, and angry, and I don’t feel well.  STOP DOING THINGS YOU THINK ARE OK, WHEN YOU HAVE SPECIFICALLY BEEN TOLD NOT TO!  I guarantee you that I would not make up an allergy.  I’d much rather be completely numb while you drill, thank you very much.

No Love,


I am sure that somewhere out there is a wonderful dentist who is kind and cares about his or her patients and never would place them in harm’s way.  This is not addressed to you, and I mean no harm or anger towards you.  I have just been burned a whole Hell of a lot, over and over, and this post was just one major vent.

8 thoughts on “Dear Dentists:

  1. Oh you poor thing! I hope you find a good dentist that cares. I have just found mine after 15 years + of searching. My Master discovered that I still had mercury fillings in my mouth that have been there since I was a kid! I have been to 5 dentist plus an othordonist. Because I have a cleft pallet I get alot of work done. I also have celliac disease (gluten drains me of protein). And since discovering this my teeth have gotten a bit better. But anyways I found a local private dentist that Master goes to who is really awesome! He is quite expensive (all my other dentist were free or discounted) but we have insurence which helps. He replaced all of my 15 year old mercury fillings (one which possibly could need a root canel but has a cap on for now) and has done a excellent job in care. I suggest trying to look for online reviews or ask people before you go to a dentist. I wish you all the best in finding your dentist. It will take time but you will find them 🙂 Also in regards to the decay I have a simalar issue, have you tried a sugar free or low sugar diet? I have been recommended this to try and heal my tooth that needs a root canel.

    1. While I realise sugar may not be your problem, I have found that when I eat sugar things they make my teeth hurt more. So maybe eat no sugar when your teeth hurt?

      1. @MomoNoHanna I definitely don’t eat a lot of sugary things (except natural sugars, like when I’m eating actual fruit, etc). But you’re right, sweet things definitely make it worse. As do (for me) very hot or very cold things.

    2. @MomoNoHanna Aww, I’m glad you were able to find a good dentist. I keep crossing my fingers that I will find a good one soon. I’m glad that your teeth are getting better. The dentist we were seeing now is super expensive, and I liked him just fine up until last week. >.< Grr. I hate having tooth problems.

  2. If you’re injected with something you’re allergic to, you complain to the board that licenses dentists in your country. That’s a breach of medical ethics and deserves to be on their record.

      1. Kitty,

        Silverdrop is right and i understand your fear in pursuing any sort of complaint. However, thinking of the bigger picture you could really be helping more people if you did get this incident on his record with your State Medical Board.

        Sounds like this guys sucks and if you were to write a detailed letter they would at least have him on file. i’m really sorry this happened to you. =/


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