Up Against A Wahl

I really hate reviews of vibrators which compare the vibe to the Hitachi.  It has always been a pet peeve of mine.  For one thing, while many vibrators are absolutely wonderful, very few are at the same vibration level as the Hitachi is.  It’s just a bigger, vroomier toy.  However, the Wahl is one of the few toys (in my opinion) which is at the same level as the Hitachi, and so I will definitely be referencing it in my review from time to time.

All Seven Attachments

Master and me have both heard so much about the Wahl.  I was perfectly happy with my Hitachi, but Master wanted to try the Wahl.  In my view, “If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it.”  Still, what Master wants, Master gets – so I asked the lovely people at Babeland if I could review the Wahl 7-in-1.  Like some sort of kinky fairy godparents, Babeland sent it right out to me, and I was looking forward to its arrival.

When it got here, I started to get excited.  Picking it up, it was very heavy.  Unlike my Hitachi, which is heavy but spread out over a long handle, the Wahl is smaller, and more compact making it a little bit harder to hold for long sessions.  Don’t worry too much about that though, the packaging says not to let this run for longer than twenty minutes, but you probably won’t need it that long anyway.  Should you let it run twenty minutes or longer though, this thing really does heat up quickly.

There are seven attachments it comes with.  Some of them are aimed at stimulating the face, or giving deep tissue massage.  I found that the only attachment I really liked on my genitals was the one that looks like a corner.  (Third over from the left in the top row of my picture).  I don’t really like pinpoint stimulation, but I found that I could easily use the sides of the corner to stimulate my clit just right.  I tried a couple of the deep tissue attachments, but I didn’t like them.  I tend to prefer more of a broad stimulation, so I think these would be best suited for someone who also loves pinpoint stimulation.

Unit With Cord

The Wahl’s cord is nine feet long, so you should have plenty of cord in most situations.  I have never felt like the cord was too short or couldn’t reach once I plugged it in, which is a definite plus.  The toy is really very quiet for something of its vibration level.  You could definitely use this in a roommate situation, if you were alone in a room with the door shut and no one would hear you.  However, if you’re in the same room as someone else, they will definitely detect the small noise the toy makes.

The Wahl 7 In 1 is the epitome of discretion!  This one really does not look like a sex toy at all.  It kind of looks like a small (but heavy at two pounds) hair dryer.  The attachments will let anyone know that this is a massager, but no one would think sex toy.

The vibrations on this toy are much lower frequency than the Hitachi, and I was surprised at how much better I liked them!  The Wahl comes with two speeds.  One speed is a bit more “buzzy”, but still has a whole lot of rumble to it, and the other speed is just a rumble party!  I really, really enjoyed the feeling of having the Wahl on the low setting on my clit.  The orgasms I get from the Wahl on low are so much better to me than my Hitachi orgasms.  Not only do they come quickly and feel amazing, but I never feel even a little numb afterwards, like I sometimes can with the Hitachi.

Unfortunately, the high setting on the Wahl is not something my clit can tolerate at all.  While I don’t like this setting at all for sex, I really do love it for body massage.  Oddly, I can’t stand the low setting at all when I use the Wahl for body massage.  It’s too buzzy for my skin, but is just oh so perfect on my clit.  The high setting feels really wonderful for all over body massage.  I have used it on my neck (which is a huge tension spot for me), as well as on my lower back (yes, I’m that flexible), and my calves.  Master loves when I use the Wahl on his back because it can do a better job than I can with my weakened wrists.

Now, the bad news.  While the Wahl is ABS plastic, and non-porous, its attachments are not.  They are PVC, and do contain phthalates.  I had to do a bit of digging to uncover that, but there it is.  The pieces themselves are somewhat pliable, and have a very faint scent when you hold them right under your nose.  I don’t really notice the scent myself, but others who are super sensitive to scents might.  Another thing you’re going to want to keep in mind is that this isn’t the best toy to share with others, since it is porous.  While I do share with Master, we’re fluid bonded and I’m not worried about transmitting anything between us.  However, this isn’t a good one to share with play partners or anyone who you’re not exchanging fluid with.  You might be able to cover the pieces with a latex glove (and then, just tie the fingers together), but without some sort of barrier, I would definitely keep this toy to yourself.

When it comes down to it, for me, I love the Wahl better than the Hitachi.  The vibrations do not numb me, the Wahl has more attachments, and the cord is longer.  Something to bear in mind is that I don’t think this is the best toy out there for those with the dreaded “Diamond Clit.”  If you need a ton of vibration to get off, this may not get you there.  The Wahl is very powerful, but I personally find that even on the high setting it is not as powerful as the Hitachi.  What the Wahl does boast, is deeper more penetrating vibrations.  Diamond Clits beware.

Master and me both love this toy, and we’re going to give it 4 paws.  I’m taking off one paw for the porous PVC material on the attachments.

Thank you so much, Babeland, for allowing me the opportunity to review this toy in exchange for an honest and fair review.

16 thoughts on “Up Against A Wahl

    1. Thanks @BeanFiddlers =^^= It doesn’t bother me a lot because I don’t really mind a stray PVC toy now and then for personal use only, but I can totally understand why that’d be an issue for some.

  1. I’m curious where you found the info that the attachments contain phthalates. I ask because phthalates are used to soften hard plastics, and the Wahl’s attachments are very rigid. I’m sure they’re made of PVC, but skeptical that they contain phthalates.

    1. @Epiphoria I’m not sure what version of the Wahl you have, but the one I have the attachments are not rigid. They are soft and you can bend them with your fingers. As for the information, I got that directly from Babeland. I emailed them and they told me that it is one of the very few toys they carry which do contain phthalates, because of how popular the item is and the fact that it has been around or so long.

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