Broken Foot Update

Well, I’ve been going to my physical therapy for my foot for a couple of weeks now.  It has definitely not been easy, but I am slowly but surely making progress.  Since my podiatrist opted not to take a picture of the healing after eight weeks, my physical therapist is going super slowly to be sure that we don’t re-injure anything.  I’ve got a bunch of exercises to do at home now, and I can manage most of them superbly right now.  I’m still working on being able to flex my foot (pull my toes towards my face), but other than that, I’ve been getting much, much better at range of motion.

I’m walking around the house (limping) a lot better than I was before, and as of right now, I’m not taking my crutch with me anywhere unless I know I’ll have to be walking for a long time.  I can do short to medium trips with relative ease, though I walk with what Master has nicknamed my “pimp limp”.  Ha.  Sometimes, he’s so silly, I swear.

So, basically I’m on the mend, but I still have lots of work to do.  I can not get down the stairs with any sort of grace at the moment, though going up is easy (it doesn’t require much flexibility of my ankle, which is the biggest issue this whole injury has caused).  I can’t hop, jump, or even stand on pointed toes yet, but those things will come with time.  The important thing is that I am getting back to the point that I can work, I can help Master (a LOT more than I had been), and I can even leave the house without it being such a ruckus.  Oh, and my physical therapist says absolutely no heeled shoes of any type for at least another six weeks.  And yes, that does include my ballet boots.  Seriously.  Who would have thought a small bone chip would cause this kind of turmoil?

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