Birthday Pieces, Part 1 and 2

Birthday Cake

So, my birthday was on the 14th, and we were all set to have ourselves a little celebration.  Master let me pick where to go for dinner, and I decided I wanted Chinese.  When I was a little girl, my Dad would always pick Chinese food for his birthday dinner, and since it was so close to my birthday, I had to pick something else (even though it was my favorite).  So, it’s kind of nice to be able to do it in my adult years.  OK, OK.  I know that according to the cake, I’m turning four, but you know – there’s only two of us, what we need a huge cake for?

Unfortunately, things didn’t work out as wonderfully as we had planned.  See, that morning, Master woke up and his jaw hurt a lot worse than it had almost a month ago when they took his wisdom tooth out.  And, unfortunately, he had to go to an emergency dental appointment pretty late in the day on my birthday.  We did go out for our dinner (which was nice), but that’s all that happened.  Master was feeling really bad so when we got home he laid down on the couch for the rest of the night.  Don’t get me wrong, I’d much rather he lay down when he’s not feeling well (especially since it’s just more complications from his dental surgery, not some random headache or something), but it still was a bit of a bummer.

Master decided that the next day he was going to give me my birthday spanks and we’d go out to spend my birthday money (all an integral part of the birthday celebration)!  In a double act of unfortunate events, the oral surgeon that the dentist referred Master to the day previous had decided he had to go in and open Master’s jaw up to drain the infection (again).  Poor Master was in rough shape when he got home, and after he brought me to my dental appointment needed a really calm and quiet night to get better.

No matter!  Again, Master’s health is far more important than my birthday, which could definitely be postponed until he was better.  Making a note to finish up the birthday celebrations the following day (Wednesday), I went to bed, without any beatings.

Wednesday morning came, and Master was feeling so much better!  We were talking about birthday playtime, and then..  And then… I got my period.

::Head Desk::

See, I don’t mind playing when I’m on my period, but it’s a soft limit for Master.  (Meaning, he’ll do it, but only under certain circumstances.  Those circumstances generally being in the shower, or when I’m only just spotting).  Needless to say, he opted to put my spanks off until another night, because he rarely just does spanks and stops there.


As Master Singed To Me

Master did give me my birthday cake on Wednesday though, because there was no reason we couldn’t have cake.  I got my Goldilocks dress on, and picked some matching Squinkies, and he put some cute candles in the cake.  I liked them lots.  Sarumom called right as we lit the candles, so we told her she could stay on the phone, but she’d need to sing too.  Ha!  It was cute, and my cake was tasty.

As I type this, I’m looking forward to the back half of my birthday celebration, but I’m in no rush.  Master’s health is obviously more important, and my ass isn’t going anywhere.

Hee hee.

6 thoughts on “Birthday Pieces, Part 1 and 2

  1. Aww poor kitty. Well your definitely right though to put your masters health above your birthday. I’m sure when he gets better, your off your period, and you two get the time he’ll make up for it. 😉 nothing to do but wait and be as good as possible till the time comes. We all know it will come soon *pets head*

    PS: A late happy birthday to you and several happy unbirthdays too

  2. Great post, kitty. I hope your Master’s dental problems are fixed and better now. I hate dental pain. Yuck!

    You don’t play on your period? Have you ever used Instead? You just put a menstrual cup inside of you and it’s like you are not even on your period. I love it and so does my Master. No blood or mess. I am able to play even on the worst days because of the Instead. I love it!! 🙂

    1. @Padmeamidala Thanks Hon! He is a lot better, but still working on healing his tooth.

      We do play on my period, just not the same as when I’m not on it. Master will sometimes fuck me in the shower, but that much blood is a squick to him, so he doesn’t usually like to have sex with me while I’m bleeding. I still give him oral sex and we still do some other things, but he decided to hold off on my birthday spankings because he’d want to fuck me after. >:)

      Thanks for the idea on the Insteads! 🙂 I’ve tried them before, but since I have a tilted uterus, they don’t work for me. 🙁 It’s a bummer because they seem to work well for so many women! I even tried a Diva Cup once, and was totally bummed that it wouldn’t work.

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