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Hello Kitty Dress!

This past weekend Master and me got to go out and spend my birthday money.  Master picked out a few pieces of clothing for me (a skirt, some panties), and I picked the dress (above), which he thought was adorable too.  I mean, Hello Kitty dress!

Sunday came, and most Sundays Master and me go out for pancakes (or waffles).  We were on our way to Ihop, when we saw a sign up for an all you can eat pancake breakfast at Applebees.  We figured it was probably for a local benefit (for example, they had one once for a baby with a heart defect), so we decided to go on over there instead so that we could support whatever cause it was.  After all, chances were it wasn’t going to be a bad cause.  Plus..  Pancakes!  When we showed up, it was actually for a local gymnastics gym, which was awesome.  I love gymnastics and so does Master, so it was a win win.

When we were done there, we popped over to a local grocery store to pick up some chicken for Master for the week.  While we were there Master picked me up a little tomato plant for the porch. We usually grow something on the porch, and we’ve tried tomatoes three or four times before, but they never work out.  We’d always had too much direct sun (tomatoes need a mix of direct and indirect sun), and they usually died.  Our new porch is a bit more promising.

Onyx, The Super Cherry Tomato Plant!

I hope it works out because we’ve grown lettuce, chives, basil, and oregano without any problem.  It’d be nice to do well with the cherry tomato plant.  I’m going to take super good care of it.  On the way home, Master and me were thinking of names for it (because talking to your plants really does help them grow), and he came up with Onyx.  Either we’ve been watching too much Pokemon lately, or it’s just a super epic name.  Or both.  Why do I have to choose?

On the way home, we decided to stop off by our house and take pictures of prairie dogs.  They were all out in their little families and looked so cute!  There are a bunch of plants that literally sprung up overnight because the day before all this, it actually rained.  While we were over taking pictures of the prairie dogs, I noticed that there were a shitfuckle of ladybugs in the plants!  And, most of the ladybugs were having sex.  Hee hee.  I’d never seen so many ladybugs all at once, and I couldn’t resist taking pictures of them.  They must have been exhibitionists.  They didn’t seem bugged by my camera. (Har har).

Ladybug Sex!


Prairie Dog Family!

How cute is this?  I know that most native Coloradans are probably rolling their eyes at me, but I’m definitely still a bit touristy when it comes to prairie dogs.  We don’t have those where we’re from, and I think they’re just so cute! I’m getting really “itchy” to be out in nature, but it’s just still going to be another couple of weeks until I can hike, etc.  For now, I’m trying to bring the nature home (like with Onyx, and pictures).  We were just on the side-walk when we took the ladybug pictures, so at least we have somewhere we can walk nearby.


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