Sleepless Kitty

After tossing and turning for two hours in bed, I crawled (a bit dazed) to the front room.  I was only dimly aware of my cuffs and the yellow of my Pikachu night shirt, as I crawled.  The front room was lit only by the television, and Master saw me instantly.  (The door is right next to the TV.)

“Kitty?  What’s wrong?”

I crawled silently over to him, sleepily.  I pressed my face to his foot.

“Kitty what’s wrong?”


“What’s wrong, Kitty?”


“Kitty?  What’s the matter?”


“What’s wrong?”

I pulled myself out of my sleepiness long enough to murmur:

“Kitty missed Master.  Kitty stay with Master?”

He patted my head with his big warm hands.

“Kitty go to bed.  Master tuck.”

I rubbed my head and shoulders against his leg, kitty style, then, I followed him closely while staring at his heel.

“Back to sleep, Kitty.”  Master presses my Glo-Worm Rosie, and her soft glow relaxes me.  I drift off.


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