With Master’s Cock Inside Me

We don’t often get pictures during the actual act of penetration.  Most likely this is because Master’s hands are either full, or he’s too into it to even think of pictures.  Well, this time the camera was right by his right hand, while he was holding my legs up on his shoulder with his left.

Master’s Cock In My Cunt

I always love the way I look with a cock inside me (pussy, butt hole, mouth, doesn’t matter).  But, it’s not something I get to see too often.  What is it about a good, deep dickin’ that always makes me so floaty, anyway?

Legs On Master’s Shoulders

But then again, so long as it works, why question it?

10 thoughts on “Floaty

  1. Huge question , y does ure master use a condom with u ?
    Don’t get me wrong I’m just si curious cuz my master would never do so to me he loves to be able to cum in me …

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