Sicky Icky Weekend

The weekend went by slowly for me, since I spent most of it super sick and miserable.  I seem to have gotten food poisoning on Friday morning (Around 3AM I woke up sick as a dog, and seeing as how I’m a kitty, well..  That’s no good!)  I’ve only ever had food poisoning once before, and it kept me sick for over a month.  Bleh.  The good news is that this time doesn’t seem nearly as bad as last time, because I’m much better already.  And, I can eat food (nothing insane: saltines, plain Cheerios dry, even managed a couple of english muffin pizzas with non-dairy cheese) too which isn’t something I could do this soon last time.  So, I’m pretty relieved that I’m not as bad as I could be.  Still, I’m not back to “normal” 100%, so Dr. Master is having me rest up for a few more days to be sure I kick whatever bug I have.  Boo.  I’m really just grateful that I’m not as sick as last time.  When I woke up in the night sick I was terrified I’d be sick for a long time, and seeing as how I am still trying to get my foot back to 100%, being sick is really the last thing I need at the moment.

On a positive note, Master and me spent a lot of the weekend relaxing.  Really relaxing and snuggling, watching some movies, more snuggling, and switching off playing video games.  When I broke my foot, I think I spent about six or seven weeks straight playing video games, though the last few weeks I was playing less and less because I’d gotten some video game “burn out”.  Over the weekend, I seem to have gotten over my burn out, because I’m beginning to enjoy video games again.  Just in the nick of time, too.  Video games are about the only distraction that really helps when I’m sick and Master’s not home.  I am such a baby when I’m sick.

Onyx has started growing tomatoes!  There’s only two right now, but they are pretty big for cherry tomatoes.  They’re still green, but I’m so excited still.  Like I’ve mentioned before, we’ve never really managed to get tomatoes to grow on our porch before, but this new apartment seems to have the right amount of sun, which is super cool to me.  I’ve been saving water we boil veggies in, etc, whenever I need to water him so he can get some extra nutrients in there.  I’m such a hippy.  Ha!

The physical therapist is impressed with how well my foot is coming along.  He says I am healing a lot faster than he thought I would!  Yah!  He also said that he thinks I’ll have full functionality of my foot back in about two or three more weeks, and then it’s just a matter of strengthening it.  That is a relief.  I still can’t believe it has been three months since I broke it.  The physical therapist did say that because I broke a bone right in the joint (in between two bones) that it would be much harder to heal than if I just broke a toe in the middle or something.  Still, I’m relieved that what we’re doing is really working.

So, that’s what’s going on here.  Just a sick and broken down kitty, but I’m getting better all the time in every way.  And, I’m feeling positive.  I don’t know a lot of people who are this positive when they are this sick.  Kind of disgusting, isn’t it?

2 thoughts on “Sicky Icky Weekend

  1. Ahhhhh! So sorry you got sick! But surely with your positive attitude, I am sure you will be bck to feeling frisky again soon!
    So glad to hear that your ankle is healing so well too!

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