River. Picture by Master Pravus. It’s Normally Completely Dry There.


Master and me were on our way to Panera Bread for some crunch-ems and munch-ems when I noticed the clouds were getting dark.  Very, very dark.

“Think it’ll rain?”  I asked.

There was a pause before both Master and me laughed at the same time and said:


You see, the weather where we live is very dry.  Not only is it dry, but it often looks like we’re going to have a major storm, and then ten minutes later the clouds clear up and the sun shines brightly.  We figured that it would be no different this time, though we did wish it would be.

One of the hazards of the area we live in is the dryness.  It gets so bad that we have lots of fires and red flag warnings. We’re also in a moderate to severe drought (depending on your area) in more than half the state right now..  And it is only mid June.

As we pulled up to Panera, we noticed that there were a couple drops of rain on the windshield.  We ran inside and stood in line.  While I waited for Master to choose what he wanted and order, I had turned around and noticed that it was torrentially down pouring outside, with about an inch of rain in the street.  It was intense, and I pointed it out to Master, who thought it was crazy too.

My food was ready first, and Master handed me my tray and told me to go and find a seat for us, and that he would come and find me shortly.  I chose a table and sat down.

I waited for Master before trying a bite, mainly staring at my food and noting how tasty it looked while trying to be good.  (I always wait for Master).  While I waited I noticed everyone was getting antsy and murmuring about something. I looked up and noticed about quarter inch hail pounding the pavement in addition to the intense rain.  I was in awe as well as a bit scared.  It was pretty intense out there.

Master returned with his food, and we both ate slower than normal, hoping to wait until the hail passed before going out in the storm.  Snow and rain are one thing, but hail in the eye is not cool!  Especially giant hail!

We finished our food, chit-chattering the whole time and left the restaurant in a hurry.  Of course, at this point the rain had stopped.  Panera is literally about five minutes from where we live though and the rain had started to come down hard again before we even got in the house.  We dashed up the stairs hoping to beat the hail.

We got in the apartment and it was raining very, very hard again.  Master (my hero!) even dashed out onto the porch to rescue Onyx since I can’t lift the heavy planter he’s in.  Poor Master was soaked even just during that eight second dash.

At this point, it was getting late and it was time for my bath. I told Master I was scared.

Nickel Sized Hail


“I’ll bring you a candle if the power goes out.”  He told me.  Then, noticing the slight worry in my eyes:

“Would Kitty feel better with a candle now?”


“Do you want a special color?”

“Red please.”

“Red it is.”

I drew my bath and as I was climbing in, Master came in the room with the big oil lamp, and some food coloring in the bottom.  The thunder and lightning were really loud and scary at this point and I could even hear “pebbles” (hail) in the vents.  The bathroom sounded scary to me.

I didn’t stay in there long, and put some feetie pajamas on.  Master went out on the porch to take pictures because we had a river outside our house!  It was crazy!  By this point, the hail had gotten to about the size of a nickel.  The whole time I was so worried we’d lose power.  Serenade had been locked into the temporary “cat room”, and when Master came back in from the porch he told me I could let her out.  The poor little baby was scared and shaking.  I scooped her up and tried to calm her down while the storm raged outside.  We were getting really loud thunder boomers too, which scared her a lot.  Master tried to pet her and she was on so much edge that she flinched.  Poor girl.  It was getting so loud in the house that Master and me had to yell just so we could hear each other.

Master decided we were going to play some video games to try to relax a bit and wait for the storm to pass.  We put in Mass Effect 2 and switched off, with me jumping only now and then when the thunder was especially loud.  Poor Serenade had a hard time settling down until much, much later, almost bed time.  The power blipped a couple of times while we played games, so we eventually switched to watching South Park.  Before I knew it, the worst of the storm had blown over, and it was time for bed.  The river continued to flow for a while though.  It was so scary and intense.  I am just glad I had Master there with me to help me feel safe.

Bringing The Flashlight To Master


6 thoughts on “Storm

  1. That river in your parking lot is crazy!!!!

    But boy… does this sound familiar! Usually every spring (except this year, thankfully), we have terrible storms. Tons of lightening that i hate! hate! hate!!!! and usually TONS of tornado watches and sometimes warnings! When there are big storms with thunder and lightening, i get all the kids up on the bed with me and pull all the drapes all around the bed so i can’t see the flashes of lightening!!

    Sometimes Master will join us but He’s usually looking out the windows or checking the radar on the computer! Not because He’s worried but because He wants me to be able to stop fretting! =) He wants to let me know as soon as it looks “all clear”! =)

    Chloe is particularly afraid of “bad wind??” = tornadoes! i never used to dislike storms this much until we went through a tornado in 2007. That changed everything! Now i don’t like “bad wind” either, Chloe isn’t the only one! =p

    1. @treasure

      I can so totally relate! I’ve only been in a twister warning once or twice before, but it was never this severe! It was just insane. My Master doesn’t get scared during these storms either. Go figure. It must be a Master thing. 🙂

  2. Wow, that’s crazy. I’m so sorry it got that bad. We don’t get much if any of that here in Ohio where I live. Worst we get is tornadoes. Sometimes we get floods in areas though I haven’t been through one in a while. Mostly go through tornado warnings here.

    1. @Noba Thanks! I’m glad it passed too, it was intense! We’re not from around here, so we’re not used to tornado warnings. On the news the next day they talked about how six tornadoes touched down, but lucky they didn’t cause any damage and they weren’t near us. 🙂

  3. hehe I have simalar hello kitty pjays 🙂 and poor kitty, I get scared in storms to! We unplug everything to ensure that nothing gets surged with lighting and Master usually brings out the candles for back up along with tourches. Then we listen to the short wave radio 🙂 We get bad lighting storms here in Aussieland

    1. @MomoNoHanna We started to turn everything off when we got a couple “blips”, though, everything is on surge protectors that’s important so we don’t shut them off immediately anymore. 🙂 Yay Pj party! lol 😉

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