It got up over ninety degrees over the weekend, which is incredibly hot.  I’m not a big fan of the heat, but I do love our lazy summer days on the porch.  Me, Master, Apple Pig, even the Cutter Dragon made it outside to enjoy the heat (while staying out of the direct line of the sun).  The soft, warm wind.  The heat which is relaxing but also makes me feel a bit lazy…  And Master, on his phone or lap top, or even just smoking a clove.  Perfect.

And then, of course, night time comes, and we get to have all sorts of fun in the dungeon.

Oh, and I finally beat Mass Effect 2 on Insane.

Weekend well spent?  I think so!

8 thoughts on “Relaxing

  1. Sounds like a nice weekend. Mine was okay but the end wasn’t quite so nice. But good thing Is I may be able to fix things if I practice more self control. Gonna be hard though.

      1. Well I thought I might be getting an ED from over use of IP but I just found out I’m sick again so that may be causing it, so things should get better once I get better though I do need to cut back on the IP lol.

          1. (internet porn) I just shortened it to go with ED which you’ll have to look up if you wanna know what it is.

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