Things I Do When Left To My Own Devices

Master had to go out for a couple of hours, and he didn’t want me to come with him (because it was very hot outside, and he wanted me to stay out of the sun).  Of course, being by myself usually makes me do one of two things (when my chores are done):

1) Masturbate  (Master loves it when I masturbate when he’s not home).


2)  Play video games.

I’d already played a lot of video games that day, and I knew that Master would like it if I masturbated.  So, of course I decided to give my biggest butt plug  (and still in original packaging) a whirl.

Mammoth Butt Plug

There it is, in all its glory.  I actually thought it’d be more of a challenge than it was.  Oh, it did take me a minute or two to get it in, but once it was there, it was like buttah.

All The Way In

Yes, it hurt a bit coming and going due to the strange shape.  But, it felt really great in there!  Ok, maybe it’s just a small accomplishment, but I’m proud of myself.  Next stop: soda can?  Okay, maybe not..  We’ll just have to see what Master has in store.

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