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I’m such a sucker for “cute” vibrators.  I always seem to go for the ones that look like novelty toys, and am usually pleasantly surprised at how well the toy works.  This time, I chose the Body Wand.  It was hard to resist with its cute little gems and Hitachi-esque head.

Body Wand

The Mini Bodywand is teeny tiny, but it packs a powerful punch.  That punch comes from six tiny watch batteries.  I have never owned a toy which ran on so many watch batteries.  Generally they use two or three, so this was kind of cool!  For a toy which runs on watch batteries, this one sure is strong!  It’s about a three out of five for vibration level.  The only thing which I am not so fond of about the vibration is that it is very high pitched and buzzy.  To be honest, my clit felt that the quality of vibrations from this little guy were too high pitched, and I didn’t like the feel of the toy’s vibrations at all.  I prefer more rumbly types of vibrations, and this is the most high pitched vibrator I’ve tried.  That includes similar style mini wands.

The toy is very cute, and is made out of silicone and hard plastic, so this one is definitely body safe.  You can clean it with a 10% bleach solution, toy cleaner, or plain soap and water.

With Battery Compartment Open, And Batteries

To turn the toy on, you just rotate the base and you get varying intensity of vibrations.  The toy is very loud on its highest setting.  However, the toy does not have a scent to it, which is nice.  You should only use water based lubes with the wand because of the silicone head.

The toy is best for external stimulation, and the neck of the toy is very flexible.  It is so flexible, that the neck bends pretty drastically just from the slightest bit of pressure.  Because of this, those who enjoy applying a lot of pressure to their clit should probably look elsewhere.  The flexible neck is a good thing (because you can get into small crevices easily), but unfortunately it doesn’t allow for lots of pressure.  The head is just too unstable.

The toy is only 4″ long, and the head of the toy is 1″ wide, while the rest of the toy is about 3/4″ wide.  This is great when you’re traveling, or want to have a toy which you can easily throw in your purse or backpack and not have it take up too much room.  Discretion is the mini bodywand’s middle name.  However, if your wand is discovered, people will definitely know what it is.  Tiny it is, but it’s also pretty obviously a vibrator.

Flexible Head

One thing which I really love about the Mini Body wand is that it is splash proof.  This means that you definitely should not submerge it, but you should be completely at ease bringing it into the shower, or scrubbing it under the sink.  It is nice to not need to worry about where the battery pack is when you’re cleaning.

Overall, it’s a cute toy, but it didn’t work well for me.  I require a different type of vibration and the ability to apply pressure to my clit in order to orgasm.  However, the fact that the toy is water resistant, comes with all six watch batteries you need, and has some cute “bling” around the base are all “wins” in my book.  So, who should buy the Mini Bodywand?

If you’re the type of person who enjoys buzzier vibrations, and likes to have a small and discreet vibe, I’d say go for it.  For everyone else, I’d pass this one up.  I’m going to give it three paws, mainly for construction (splash proof, well made), and powerful vbrations:Thank you so much, Babeland, for allowing me the opportunity to review the Mini Bodywand in exchange for an honest and fair review.

6 thoughts on “Mini Body Wand

  1. I bought one about a week ago and for some reason it worked for a day and then quit i bought new batteries witch we’re very expensive and not even 5 min later it craped out again

    1. Hi @Anya. I’m sorry that this one didn’t work for you. As stated to a previous commenter, while this isn’t the best toy out there (freely admitted in my review), it absolutely should not break that soon. I recommend emailing or calling the place you purchased it from. They should send you a replacement.

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