Handy Master (And Handy Kitty)




Right before we moved here, we tossed our bed out into the garbage.  The mattress was super old, super uncomfortable, and the floor was much more comfy than our bed.  We reasoned that once we moved we’d buy a new mattress.  Of course, almost as soon as we moved I hurt my wrists, and then broke a bone in my foot.  Thus, pushing off the timing for the new mattress.  This past week we were really excited though, because with me back at work, we could finally pick up a mattress!  Yay!  Not only that, but we got another one for my futon (for work).  Sleeping on blankets may have been better than our old mattress, but it’s not better than a good mattress.  Talk about excitement!

Master picked me up at the house, and he even offered to get me a chai tea latte.  I don’t often get lattes, and I was really excited at the thought of getting one!  He said I looked like I could use a pick-me-up.  Heh.  I guess I was a little bit tired.  It was hot!  With a latte in hand, we headed over to Ikea where Master bought us dinner before we shopped.  He picked out chicken fingers for himself, and got me a spinach and cheese crepe.  I’d never had a crepe before, but I did like it a lot. 🙂  We’re family members at Ikea, so we got some free black tea too with our meal.  Needless to say, before we did the actual shopping, I was bouncing off the walls!  OOps.

Master lets me get a Ratta every time we buy a piece of furniture at Ikea.  I have a two Ratta limit per visit though.  (Boo)  I think I’m up to thirteen with our latest visit?  There’s a lot of them though.  They definitely appeal to my inner kitty.  Heh.  I dashed ahead of Master when we were done eating, and I yelled “YEAH!  RATTA TIME!”  Master laughed, and told me to come back to him, because (as it turned out) the ratuses were moved and I was going in the wrong direction.  Whoops.  >.<  Apple Pig was with us, and Master let him pick the micies out.  Lucky little pig shit.  Pssh.

We picked up two dressers, and the bed frame, and one mattress (the one for work), and went home, knowing we’d need to come back for the final mattress.  It was really tough getting everything up the stairs.  My wrists are bull crap, so I didn’t manage to actually bring anything up stairs except for the mice, a couple small things we bought (bath mat, etc), and an umbrella stand.  Master told me the umbrella stand was my responsibility.  He even let me put it together on my own!

Umbrella Stand

I did manage to get the thing together, too!  I have a friend over at MDPT who will murder me for even saying that I “built” that stand, but I did, I swear.  ::cough::  As you can see, we’re way too fun to use that stand for actual umbrellas.  Nope.  It now lives in the Dungeon, and we use it for stiff beating implements.  Canes, bats, etc.  I’m in so much love with it!

But the bed.  Back to the bed.  Master had to carry everything up three sets of stairs because we’re on the top floor, and none of the packages (aside from the two or three that I got) were less than fifty pounds.  He was sweating and hot (it was over 80 degrees out), but he took it like a fucking trooper and got everything upstairs.  I admit that I was totally turned on watching him haul things up the stairs.  I love that sort of display of physical power.  I could never be with someone who was physically weaker than me.  And it is such a turn on to watch someone do “strong” tasks.  ::Blissful sigh::  Those same arms that carry heavy furniture can snuggle, or spank, or punch, or caress..  Such a lovely thought.

We went back to Ikea, and had to get our other mattress.  This one was a lot larger than the one that we got for my work futon.  It was heavy, and bulky, and didn’t stay on the little furniture carts that they have very well.  Super lame.  I have no clue at all how Master managed to do it, but he got it up to our apartment.  That freaking mattress was a beast.

Of course, once we got it home, set it up, and tried sleeping on it we were both very let down!  It was soo hard, and the crazy thing is that we tried a bunch of mattresses in the store to make sure that we knew what we wanted.  No luck.  Poor Master.  We waited almost a week and then we returned the mattress deciding to get another slightly softer one.  Man.  Master had to get it down the stairs again and into the car.  I really couldn’t believe he managed it, because I usually see people moving mattresses with at least two people, and this one was big!  But he did.  That’s my Master.  Strong like bull. <3

So, after all that we now have a comfy cozy new bed.  We’re beyond thrilled.  We also picked up two mammoth sized book cases, and we’re currently going around the house and unpacking boxes as well as finding the books that are hidden here and there.  It’s so awesome finally having our little “library” out where we can easily get to it.  I’m such a book whore.

Bed And Dressers, All Set Up

Oh, and yep.  In case you’re wondering, those pictures that you see are completely off-center.  They were fine before we moved all the furniture around, but we’re going to re-center them soon.  Redecorating and reorganizing is so much fun!  I love it.  I’m glad the apartment is really starting to come together.  ::Purr::

15 thoughts on “Handy Master (And Handy Kitty)

  1. “Murder” seems a bit strong, but since you “built” that, I have to say your iron forging skills are coming along quite nicely!

    P.S. It also looks like it could be used as a helmet. Pictures please.

  2. i think it all looks quite loverly! Plus i think the umbrella stand for implements of destruction is a wonderful idea!

    But! omgosh omgosh!! i can’t NOT believe it’s taken me this long to remember to tell you about this!!! Speaking of hats and helmets and the like…. Kitty… there is a photo you simply MUST SEE!!!! *snickers* Now all you have to do is get Him to send it to you!

    Master’s Mom needed a new pot for this huge palm tree, we bought it at Wal Mart…. use your imagination and threaten Him until You see pictures! =)

  3. I love Ikea ever-so-much. My entire den/geek room is 100% Ikea. I recently got a new sofa from AFW and now I’m sad panda cause I wish I’d got the Ikea one. Sigh.

    1. @Geeksweetheart Ooh, I can’t wait until we furnish the living area. I was getting all excited looking at couches when we were at Ikea last. We have a couch now, but it’s SOO overdue for replacement. I hope your couch is comfy even if it’s not Ikea-an. 🙂

    1. @MomoNoHanna OMG, I know! 😀 Master and me daydream all the time about when we finally buy a house. We’re so excited at the idea of furnishing it, and putting in tons of kinky apparatus. He he he.

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