Red And Pink


I saw Master put a pillow down, and take the rope out.  He told me to lay down with my head on the pillow.  I felt him attaching rope to my wrists, and put cuffs and a spreader bar on my ankles.  I always sort of think that the spreader bar is silly.  After all, I’m very limber and I don’t really have a hard time spreading, or staying spread.  I usually feel like it is there for decoration.  Master had a plan that night though.  He tied the spreader bar to the futon using rope, so that I couldn’t lift my legs in addition to not being able to close them.  It was very sexy.

I closed my eyes while I waited, and just enjoyed the sensation of the scratchy hemp rope against my wrists while he tied my lower half.  When he’d finished he told me:

“Tonight I’m going to treat you to red and pink.”

He showed me that the red was going to be a heavy duty frosting spreader we’d picked up quite a while back somewhere, and the pink was meant to be my Bent, which he put down on the computer table next to him.  I smiled, but I don’t think that Master could tell, because I had a large red ball gag in my mouth.


Master shot a couple pictures before, but then we didn’t get any durings, or afters.  Not that I mind.  He was busy with, you know, more important matters.

The red frosting spreader is much heavier than it looks, and I felt it come down on my clit several times.  I felt it beat into my breasts, my thighs, and my breasts.  Did I mention my breasts?  He kept it near him at all times and over and over hit me here and there with it.  After a while he stopped and untied my legs so that they were still attached to the spreader, but they were capable of moving up.  I was sure he was going to mount me, and I wiggled my wet pussy at him encouragingly.

I was wrong though.  Instead of penetrating my desperate cunt, he pulled my legs up and to the side and plunged his fingers deep inside me, scraping and rubbing up against my g-spot, making me squirt and drizzle, and even more desperate to feel his thick cock inside me.  Each time I would (without really thinking about it) try to move my legs somewhat, he would put a hand or arm in front of it to prevent me from moving.  He didn’t speak to me, just treated me like a helpless animal with my cunt in the air.

He put my legs down, and spent a good bit of time beating my cunt and thighs again before he decided he was going to give me the pleasure of feeling his dick inside me.  He took the spreader bar off and I wrapped my legs around his back.  I moaned (but it was barely more than a slight hum beneath my gag).  He entered me, and pinched my nose shut.  The ball gag is so big that I cannot spit it out or breathe around it, and I felt myself drift.  As usual, once he told me I could, it didn’t take long for me or Master to cum.

And, at the end of it, we both joked about how the “pink” was still sitting on the sidelines getting no attention.  Poor little g-spot toy, it doesn’t realize, Master’s fingers always make me squirt better than any toy I’ve ever had.


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