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As many of you know, I’ve been making pet play and cosplay ears for a couple of years now.  For a while I had my Mewtique featured on my blog.  I also had the Mewtique listed on Etsy because I wanted a place to put my ears that I could send minors and non-kinky folk to.  (If you’re a minor, you don’t belong on my site, even if you’re just buying ears from the Mewtique!)

I really love making ears a lot.  I find it rewarding and exciting, and I am always so honored each time someone chooses to buy a pair of ears from me.  There are lots of ears out there, and the fact that someone chose my ears is so awesome to me, you just have no clue!

Unfortunately, I’m not the healthiest person out there.  I frequently get injured (although, luckily, I don’t get actually sick too often).  My biggest problem with injuries and the Mewtique is my wrists.  My wrists are not in the best of shape, and that is mainly due to an injury I sustained while doing yoga a few years ago.  I keep having to take the Mewtique down here and there because my wrists are not in the proper shape to be working on ears.

I was feeling really frustrated with my Mewtique, mainly because it would be “down” a lot, and people would keep coming to me and asking when it was going to be back up, and I had no clue when that would be.  I talked to Master about possibly even closing down the Mewtique on a permanent basis.  After all, maybe it’s just too much strain for my wrists to keep up with, and maybe I had my fun with it.  Master does not want me to do that (and honestly, I really don’t want to either).

After talking with Master, he is very proud of my Mewtique (as am I!), and even if things need to change over there, he wants me to keep it going, unless I get to the point one day where it is impossible to sew.  In order to keep the Mewtique going though, some things need to change.  I don’t think that the majority of these changes are bad, but I wanted to make sure everyone interested in my ears understood what was going on.

In the past, I made myself one pair of ears, and then took pictures and posted that the ears were available for order online.  All of my ears were “Made to order”, and that meant that you could be waiting up to two weeks (depending on my sewing load) to get your ears.  This was frustrating for me, mainly because if I got a lot of orders and my wrists were acting up, I had to muddle through them anyway, despite needing my wrists to rest.  Going forward, things will be different.

Starting now, I will be making two sets of each ear up front.  One set is for me (for photos, and personal use), and the other set is for sale.  That’s right.  I’m only going to post ears after those ears have been made and are ready to ship.  This will be a good thing, because ears will now reach their destination much sooner (I will be shipping all ears out the day after they were paid for, with the exception of mail holidays like Christmas and Easter.

Things will still be largely the same for you, except that you will receive your ears faster. (The only exception to this is Custom Orders.)   It also means that at times, the Mewtique will have less ears listed than I have the ability to make.  I am hoping that with time this will improve, as I get more time to sew, and as my wrists improve.

Custom Orders will cost a flat rate of $30, unless you want something costly, or very complicated.  If your ears require a higher fee, I will let you know up front before I start the project.  Unfortunately, due to the fact that custom orders can’t be made ahead of time, they will take up to two weeks before they are made, and they cannot be rushed for any reason.  If you need your custom order ears for an event, please make sure you order them early!  If you live in the continental USA, all ears usually arrive within two to three business days.  If you live outside the USA, I have had ears take up to three weeks to reach their destination.  I can’t control how quickly your ears arrive once I drop them off at the post office, so please be sure to use the above as a guideline in case you need your ears for a special event.

What isn’t going to change at the Mewtique:

  • Your ears will still be lovingly hand made by yours truly.
  • I will email you the second your ears ship, and much sooner than that if you’re enquiring about ordering a custom set.
  • The price of your ears will include free shipping and delivery confirmation in the USA, and you will receive your delivery confirmation number the day I ship them.
  • If you live outside the USA, I cannot provide you with a tracking or delivery confirmation number, and your ears could take up to three weeks to arrive.
  • If you live outside of the USA, there will be an additional $5 fee to ship your ears, with an additional $2 fee per additional item or pair or ears shipped.
  • Your ears will never, ever arrive pre-worn.  I still make myself a pair of ears, and a new pair for sale.
  • All ears will still be sewn in a room with no cats, and every effort is made to make sure no cat hair, etc arrives on your item.  However, if you are severely allergic to cats, you may opt not to order from me.
  • You can still pay with Paypal, if you like.
  • All ears are sewn directly to their clips, never, ever glued!

What is going to be different at The Mewtique:

  • Ears are made ahead of time, with the exception of custom order ears, and I will ship all pre-made ears the day after you paid for them.
  • Custom orders will now take up to two full weeks to be completed, and cannot be rushed for any reason.
  • I will post ears to The Mewtique as I have made them, so in the beginning, there will be less variety than their used to be while I get ears made and set up, but they will be more readily available.
  • I will no longer be hosting my Mewtique on my site.  The reason for this is, that a lot of people had difficulty using my web store.  For now, all Mewtique orders will be available only on Etsy.  If you’ve never shopped on Etsy, it is a wonderful site, and I love it a lot.  Have a look around!
  • You can now purchase ears using a credit card.
  • Custom Orders will have a different process, please see below.

How To Order A Custom Set Of Ears:

  • Step 1: Either send me an email (use the contact form on this site,) or send me a convo on Etsy letting me know what you’re looking for.  I will let you know if it is something I can do or not, and we can work out details.
  • All custom order ears cost $30 unless they are very costly or complicated, and we will work that out in Step 1 before the project starts.
  • Step 2:  I will create a “Custom Order” listing for you on Etsy with your Etsy username.  This listing will be for you alone, and as soon as you purchase this special listing, I will begin work on your ears.
  • Step 3:  I will email you as soon as you ears are ready to ship.  Remember, it can take up to two full weeks for your ears to be ready to go!  Please be patient.
  • Step 4:  Do the happy noodle dance when your ears arrive.

I hope that this post helps to answer some of your questions about what has been going on with the Mewtique, and how things will work from now on over there.  I really look forward to making ears for you soon!



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