Too Hot To Trot

Kitty Pool


The weekend started off well enough. That Friday Master and me got to hang out with someone cool we met at Denver Pride. No, not for what you’re thinking you big buncha perverts! For gaming! <3  Since moving to Colorado we haven’t really found many people who are into table top gaming.  Sure, a few, but none who we really had schedules that clicked and could hang out with regularly.  Plus, finding people as geeky as us is..  Well, it’s a challenge.  Trying to find one local..  That’s nigh on impossible!  But wait!  Through the magic that is “Gay Pride” we had a guest, who showed up with both games, and cupcakes.  Um, Win?  Yes, yes I think so.

I’d never played Munchkin games before, and I was a little nervous because the version she had was zombies.  Zombies scare me, like, a lot.  Luckily, these were very silly and cartoon-y sorts of zombies, and it wound up being more cute than anything.  (Who would have thought you could have cute zombies?!  Not I, said the cat!)

It took about two or three hours to actually get to the game though, because we were so busy laughing and joking, and just getting along ridiculously well.  Plus, cupcakes.  Did I mention cupcakes?  I’m not sure I did.  Wait, I guess I did.  It’s this heat getting to me, you see.  But!  Cupcakes! =^^=

Anyway, our guest stayed past midnight, and at that point, I had been slightly whingey all night about the fact that the air conditioner didn’t seem to want to catch up.  I was hoping (as I am sure Master was too) that the air conditioner was just frozen up, and needed a break, so I watched the temperature guage like a tarantula hawk (And trust me, you do NOT want to type tarantula hawk into google.  It seriously is an absolutely terrible idea, and you will have nightmares galore.  DO NOT do!!) and the windows were opened like a boss once the temp got below 80.  Whew!

Unfortunately for Master and me, that is where our woes began.  Now, just to say, we don’t typically put the air conditioning on until the house reaches 85 degrees, or it is due to be hotter than 85 that day.  We can deal with some heat, sure, but I think we both start to wilt around 90 degrees, and higher than that is the melt zone.  I’m slightly delicate, and I don’t do well in extreme temperatures (heat or cold).  We’re definitely using our air conditioning more this year than last year though, because the temperatures have been over 90 degrees for the past several days, with only one of those days dipping into the 80s, and even still, we had a high of 88.  Not too cool, if you ask me.  Colorado on the whole is in the middle of some gnarly fires and draughts at the moment, and there are red flag and “no burn” warnings everywhere.  We’re probably not even going to be allowed to use sparklers this fourth of july.  Pity.

Anyway, Master and me piled into bed, because we needed to be up early the next day, for the Farmer’s Market.  Of course, in the night, we both woke up miserably hot and sticky, due to the fact that the air conditioning broke.  Wah.

In the morning, Master called the emergency maintenance number, because air conditioning breaking down in the middle of summer or a heat wave was always considered an emergency in every other complex we have lived in.  (As is heat in the winter).  But no!  Apparently the air conditioning breaking down in the summer at this particular complex is considered a shame, but no banana.  And, it doesn’t appear to be a Colorado thing either, it’s just this complex (we had no issues at our old one).  Sad pandas we are, right now.  Not to whine about the heat, but it has topped 100+ degrees around these parts, and the inside of the house just roasts during the day.

Because I was absolutely too hot to even get up off the floor, Master decided to go on an errand and see if he could hunt down one of those little plastic kiddie (hereafter pronounced and spelled “kitty”) pools.  He tried Target, Lowes, Home Depot, King Supers, even Wal-Mart.  Everyone was sold out.  I couldn’t say I blamed them, after all, that day it was 104 degrees out, and just opressive.  Unwilling to give up (because he is awesome) Master drove the next town over, and found me a pink princess pool.  Oh.  My.  Fucking.  Gawd.

If he wasn’t my favorite Master in the world, he sure as fuck was once I saw that tub.  We filled it with water from the tap, and Master put a Liberator Throe down on the ground, so that the nails on our porch wouldn’t damage the “pool”, and so that splashes wouldn’t leak down to the porch below us.  (Geeze those throes seriously have a zillion uses.  Lol!)  It worked pretty fucking well, and I felt a lot better.  Master put some snackages in a bag next to me, and he brought his lap top out on the porch to see if he could figure out how to fix the A/C himself.  No such luck, but Hell, I give him credit for trying.

So, that’s where we’re at right now.  It’s been three days without our beloved air cooling system, and I’m getting a ridiculous amount of use out of that little $12 plastic pool.

Please hurry up and get here, Mr Air Conditioner Repair Man.

I melt am.


12 thoughts on “Too Hot To Trot

      1. Oh. Have you considered getting a used portable A/C? They can be really cheep depending on where you buy yours and trust me they work great. I should know lol. Ann owns two and keeps this place cold like an icicle all the time.

  1. You know I did it. I used The Google. Looking at a spider is horrendous. Touching a spider is unthinkable. Feasting off the guts of a paralyzed spider is….the word has yet to be invented.

    P.S. I concur with Noba, grab a portable or even a small window unit for emergencies like this. Kitties melt!

    1. @Gaspar You of all people looking that one Google no-no up is DEFINITELY a bad idea! Lol!

      And yes, I think Noba has a good idea. It is insane how little your brain meats are capable of thinking at those high temps. >.>

  2. Flashbacks to Avon and me and P trying to get the living room AC working, not knowing it was a 220v and required 2 hot feeds to power it. Hope you get things back soon and don’t melt. There’s always frozen rum drinks.

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