One Day My Prince Will Come

::Sings, in her best most princess-y voice::

“One day, my prince will come.

One day, my prince will Come.

And he’ll fix the air conditioner in our apartment…”

Ok, I don’t think that Sleeping Beauty would have sung it that way.  But what does she know?  She also happens to sing to wilderness creatures who sing and dance with her.  Not that I’m jelly, or anything.

Ok, I’m a little jelly.

Without any air conditioning still, Master and me have been doing silly things to get out of the heat.  We went out to dinner the other night, purely to get into the air conditioning.  And we took our time and ate slowly as fuck because we sure as fuck didn’t fucking want to go the fuck home.  (I should get an award for using the word “fuck” so many times in that last fucking sentence.)

We got home, and it was sweltering in our apartment (and still well over ninety degrees outside).  So, Master brought the kitty pool inside from outside, and we filled it up with water to the fill line.  He even gave me a cup so that I could “ladle” myself with water.  Then, he walked away because he had to do something (I do not remember what).

Wet And Cold (A Good Feeling)

While Master was in the room, I was slowly running water over my hot legs and arms, getting more and more used to the cold feeling.  He wasn’t far enough away that I couldn’t talk to him or anything, so we were chatting a bit:

Me: “I feel like I’m doing something wrong.”

Master:  “Why?”

Me:  “I feel like I shouldn’t be in a kitty pool indoors.  Like I’m not supposed to be here.”

Master:  “But I like you there.”

Me:  ::Flustered:: “Well, I like it here too..  But, you know what I mean..?”

Master:  “That’s one of the best parts about being an adult!”

Me:  “What is?”

Master:  “You get to do the things you want to do, and no one will yell at you.”

Me:  “I’m waiting for you to yell at me, somehow though.  And you were the one to put the kitty pool inside to begin with!”

Master:  ::Laughs::

Teasing Master

A few minutes had gone by and Master was still doing whatever it is those Master-y types do when they are too hot to trot.  Of course, I didn’t hear any fapping, so it must have been that other thing that Master-y types do when they’re too hot to trot.  And, I dunno.  I guess I was feeling a bit..  Minx-y.  And I guess I just had a brilliant (though simple idea).  I drizzled a little bit of water on my nipples, just a bit.  It was cold, and I squeeked as it touched my hot skin.  Of course, Master asked why I was squeeking, to which I replied (in my most Damsel-in-distress voice):

“Master, help!  I got water all over my nipples!”

Teasing Master

And before I knew it (as though I had said the magic words, even!) Master was kneeling on the ground in front of my kitty pool, and he took the plastic cup from my hands.  He filled it all the way, and dumped the water all over my breasts through the shirt I was wearing.  I squeeked from the shock of the cold, which made Master smile all the more, and Grabbie and Squeezie started (well, grabbing and squeezing) my breasts, almost cruelly, firmly, painfully, and pleasantly.  He didn’t do much to my actual nipples, just kept grabbing my big breasts and squeezing and pulling them hard, like he was going to pull them off.

Teasing Master

“I fixed your problem, Kitty.”


Now your nipples are wet.  They were just damp before.”

I let out a chuckle.  “Thanks.”

Around that time, Master started to take out the camera, and I started posing for him this way and that.  Teasing my own nipples, pinching them, playing with myself, dripping water here and there.

Master, Do You Want This?

I could tell that Master was getting really turned on, so I kept going, moving this way and that, showing him my butt and my breasts and my cunt, all through my clothes.  (We were hoping that maintenance would show up any second, and so that is why I was even wearing clothes indoors in the pool.)


After a few minutes, he stopped taking pictures, and put the camera aside.  He came closer and started playing with my nipples.  I reached forward to his pants and noticed there was a nice hard cock inside.

Maybe we don’t need AC after all?


ADDENDUM:  Since typing this up, maintenance has shown up and fixed the AC, and I feel really bad about bad mouthing them now, too.  Basically, we called the emergency number, and someone did show up..  To the wrong apartment.  Each time we called the emergency number, the maintenance guy was sent the the exact same (and wrong) apartment number.  He said that he actually got upset and yelled at those people and told them to stop calling.  (Which is a bit funny in retrospect, but I’m sure wasn’t funny at all to those poor people.)  Either way, I’m sorry for all the mean things I said about this apartment complex.  They did try to do the right thing, but their answering service is crap.  I believe the maintenance guy though, because the answering service was a pain in the butt each time we called them.  Hrumph.  Either way, I slept well last night, and Master and me can now brave the heat wave, which is not so bad when you can move around and be comfortable at least.  Phew!

14 thoughts on “One Day My Prince Will Come

  1. Ha! This post made me smile and even laugh a few times. “Master, help! I got water all over my nipples!” I like the way you handled no a/c the heat with a kitty pool; that is one of the best things about being an adult!

    Glad your a/c is fixed! Happy Summer (and thanks for sharing the pictures)!

  2. Your openness and cuteness and plain honesty about your feelings makes you so sexy. I love reading your stories, this time I must say I’m a little bit excited ^^ maybe it’s also because of the 100 degrees here in southern Italy…

    1. @Luciana Aww, thanks! I’m glad that you enjoyed my post.

      Sorry it’s over 100 degrees where you are. :/ We finally broke our 100+ degree heat wave, but we are still in the nineties. Bleh. At least the A/C is back on.

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