It Wasn’t About Me

Fully Dressed

At least, it wasn’t supposed to be about me.  Master Pravus told me to go take my hair down, bring him my (AFF) red ball gag, and my blindfold, and go put on my new Camo top, which he loves, then meet him in the actual bedroom (not the dungeon).  I did as he told me, and he put the gag and blindfold on me, and then tied me down to the bed.

He spent a lot of time playing with my nipples, biting them (with teeth, he broke a couple capillaries, too!  Nom.) spanking them, being rough with them.  He shocked me with some well placed stingy slaps to my thigh, and he rubbed his cock all over me.

It wasn’t that I was told not to cum, it was just that, Master Pravus spent no time directly stimulating my clitoris (and I have never been able to cum without some clit stimulation, at least) and I don’t think either of us expected it.  While he played with my tits, and slapped my thighs a lot, I don’t think either of us were expecting it, because being turned on is one thing, and cumming is another.

He had actually sat straddling my tummy, and he pressed his hard cock into me as he teasingly rode me there.  Rubbing his slippery wet cock all over my belly actually was a bigger turn on than I though it would be.  I started to get really, really horny, and I felt my panties slide just ever-so-slightly to the side, so that the elastic of the leg of the panties were just laying flat on my clitoris.

Nipples Through Spandex, One Of Master’s Favorite Things!


As he teasingly rode my belly, his thighs pressed into the sides of my panties, and (lucky kitty) the panties were actually rubbing directly on my clit.  It took a bit longer for me to cum than normal, but I did cum hard, trying desperately to grind my cunt into Master, but mostly just grinding against the air, as he hadn’t allowed me the privilege of his cock at this time.  The actual feeling was so subtle at first, that I wasn’t sure I would actually get close to cumming at all that day, and it wasn’t something I had been too worried about either. 

Sometimes I get to cum, sometimes I don’t.  I definitely like being able to cum, but I also love the feeling of walking around extremely turned on from some play, and not getting that release.  It feels really good to me both ways, so I never really feel “disappointed.”

Of course, Master Pravus was just as shocked as I was (but in a good way!), and he kept teasing me with his cock in my belly for a bit, before moving to my big soft tits and spilling his seed all over them.

It may not have been about me, but that was the best “accidental” orgasm that I’ve ever had.  Actually, I think it is the only “accidental” orgasm I’ve ever had. 🙂

Cum Covered Tits

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  1. I just wanted to say, I’ve been reading your blog for a while and I really enjoy it! 🙂 you seem like you have such a great relationship with your Master.

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