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Before I get going too much, just small note to say that this is a post Master Pravus told me to write.  Thanks for the assignment, Master! <3

I had just finished physical therapy, whereupon I was told I needed to stay in my dreaded boot of doom for another week.  (Boo, says the kitty).  Luckily, we needed to make one stop that night before heading home, and it was a good one.  We had recently heard of a couple of local asian food stores, and were dying to go.  Well..  semi local anyway.  We really love asian sweets.  We don’t tend to eat a whole lot of sweets, and asian candy tends to be lower in sugar than most of its American counterparts (but you should check the labels, that’s not a blanket guarantee)!  When we do eat sweets it tends to be asian candy though, and we tend to make one big trip to the asian food store per year.  Since moving to Colorado we hadn’t really located any asian food stores, so the tip-off was an exciting one.  Previously to finding the asian food stores, we had been replenishing our supply of Choco Pandas and Pocky at the local anime convention every year, but we aren’t planning on going this year.  Nope.  This year’s Vegas, baby!

Anyway, tangent much?

So, we were also planning on going to a friend’s house to play Harry Potter Clue this past Friday night, and we had decided ahead of time that we were going to get some snacks from the asian food store to bring to our little get-together, knowing our host loves Japanese candy as much as we do.  Yay!

We drove all the way into Denver and the first store we went to had closed an hour before we got there.  We were sad pandas.  I was standing outside the door staring at little brightly colored Hello Kitty candies and literally soo close, but so far away too.  Who closes at 6PM?  I mean, really.  Especially in the heart of Denver with restaurants and stores all around.  Hrumph.  Well, luckily for us, our friend had tipped us off to another store which was closer to home (though with less candy), and we headed there.

Ooh, it was so exciting!  Not only was it open, but it had all sorts of stuff in it.  The first thing Master Pravus noticed was a sun shade for the car window (not pictured).  He said he’s going to put it on my side of the car to help prevent burns, fair lass that I am.  Neat!

The second thing we picked up was a wooden paddle…

Ok, ok, it’s actually a giant cooking spoon.  I don’t see much of a difference though.  Master Pravus put it in our little standing up beating implement container.

Wooden “Paddle”, shown over Master’s huge “bear mitts” for size.

I could tell from the look in Master Pravus’ eye (and, OK, to be fair, the way he wouldn’t stop talking about it) that he’s super duper ultra excited to hit me with it.  Ok, also to be fair, I’m excited too.  He he.

The last thing we bought (before we got foodz) was a set of chopsticks.  Mine were all beat up and I had to toss them out a while ago.  I prefer to use chopsticks for cooking, and I like eating my sushi with them too, without taking home a pair of wooden disposables.  Master Pravus picked an all black set. 🙂

We actually spent a lot of time in the store, going up and down all the aisles and looking at all the cool asian food.  There are so many things!  Master Pravus is always keen on putting something in front of me, and asking me what it is.  Sometimes I tell him it’s written in Korean, and I have no freaking clue what’s in it.  Sometimes it is written in Japanese, of which I can read enough to get by, but am no means fluent (I took Japanese for two years in High School).  It was fun running around the store and picking out candy and food.

We picked up a big jar of those little jello cups (see the top left of the picture, the little container that looks like a girl with a hat on), and a huge container of Pocky too, for our game night.

We also managed to find a bunch of other cool candies, some that I hadn’t heard of before, but some that were familiar and exciting to me.  Master Pravus let me pick a lot of things, and he even offered me a lot of things:

“Does kitty want one of these?”

To which I would normally blush and respond with something like:

“Only if Master wants kitty to have one of those.”

Sometimes I can be too shy for my own good.  I swear.

All in all, a pretty decent haul.  I know it looks like a ton of food, (and, yes, it is!), but we don’t go to the asian food store very often, once, maybe twice a year if the need arises, so that stash will last us a very long time.

On the way out of the store, Master Pravus let me pick some sushi up too, and that was my dinner.  Nom.  Geeze, I’m so spoiled.  I never even think of asking for half the things that Master Pravus offers me, mainly because they feel too decadent or greedy.  I mean, I just got the chance to pick out sweets, so to me, I didn’t even think that sushi was an option.  Oh, Master Pravus.  He’s so Italian it isn’t funny.  He wouldn’t let me be hungry, even if I didn’t realize I was.  Heh.

Still, we had a fun time, and I’m looking forward to the next asian food run (which won’t be for a while, but still).  Mew mew!  <3

9 thoughts on “Asian Food Store

  1. POCKY!!! I’m addicted to that stuff to the point that before my diet started id eat 1/4 of the pack in a sitting like a chipmunk lol. Haven’t had any recently though. Well no snacks aside from ice cream to be honest. Not a fan of strawberry pocky though. Even frozen I cant get it to taste right. I hear if you order online there’s over 20 flavors to choose from instead of 2. I’m jelling over the face that you can read Japanese right now. My sister can do Chinese pretty well and i’m having trouble staying focused enough to read my book on Japanese kanji. Maybe I should try to learn Vietnamese or Korean just to be different. Sorry i’m rambling now, time to stop.

    1. @Noba Ooh, Pocky is one of the few candies Master likes. As much as Master likes Japanese candy, he has really only found a few candies that he really likes. Chocolate Pandas and Chocolate Pocky are right on the top of his list. I’m a bit more diverse and like lotsa stuffs. 🙂

      And yup! I can read Japanese, though, I’m not fluent or anything. I can usually work out enough to at least figure out the flavor and or brand of the item though. 🙂

      Learning languages can be fun! 🙂 If you learned Korean, we could take you with us to the Asian Food Stores and you could read the Korean packages for us. lol! 😉

  2. Pockyyyyyy! My favourite! I also like the chocopandas, and I’m a huge fan of the Meji MeltyKiss fudge….and the Kasugai fruit gummies.
    Heck I like a lot of asian candies myself! *laughs*

  3. Yay Pocky!!!!!

    Theres 5 or 6 differnt types upstairs in our Dineingroom right now as my Wolf brought them home the last time he was in Chicago (Bussiness Trip)

  4. Top 10 Asian Market favorites: buckwheat soba noodles, teriyaki nori snacks, miso soup cups, canned veggie meat, sriracha sauce, coconut milk, crystal noodle bowls, coconut oil, rice paper wrappers, Botan rice candy. I looove shopping there…

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