Happy Fourth Of July

Happy Fourth Of July to my American friends who celebrate it!  Master and me aren’t really huge on the Fourth, though we do like playing with sparklers and watching fireworks.  There won’t be any fireworks for us this year though, because we live in Colorado, which is under threat of several extremely large fires. 🙁  It’s sad, not because we can’t have fireworks, but because hundreds of homes (last I checked it was nearing 40o) are being destroyed.  I just feel so bad for those people whose houses are being destroyed.  I am just thinking and hoping and dreaming that we all get some rain soon, and that the fires get put out.

On a happier note, those of you who aren’t in the middle of a fire zone, I hope that your day is full of fun, friends, food, time off from work (if you can get it) and whatever else it is that you enjoy on your Fourth.

While Master and me can’t play with sparklers and fireworks, I am sure that (cheesy as it sounds) we’ll make our own fireworks in the bedroom.  A safe, and happy Fourth to all!



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