First Harvest

Biggle Piggle, With Our First Ever Home Grown Tomato!

It might just be me, but I think Biggle Piggle looks soo wistful in that picture.

The Fourth Of July was a nice one for us.  Master wasn’t expecting a day off, because we never had the Fourth off back in Massachusetts, although we did usually get a half day or something.  On the third, Master called me around two to tell me that he was coming home early, and had the Fourth off!  What a nice surprise!

Truth be told, we spent the vast majority of our day off doing absolutely nothing.  Well, I guess not nothing.  We watched some movies, did a few light chores, played some video games..  But we didn’t do a whole lot.  We didn’t go anywhere (which was nice), and we just had a day at home to rest and recuperate.  I think we both really needed it.  We have been just so go-go-go lately, and not all of it has been fun.  We’re both fine with going places, but Doctor’s visits and errands are not the fun kind of trip.  Anyway, it was just really relaxing and nice.  Even Serenade got into it!  She spent most of the day snuggled up to me.  I love my little Snuggley Bandersnatch.  (Oh my, she is getting BIG!)

At one point Master went outside to smoke.  (It’s against the rules of the complex to smoke in your apartment).  I was half napping, and when Master came back in he had this:


Yay!  The first tomato we ever managed to grow! We don’t have a yard because we’ve always lived in either an apartment complex or a condo, so we’ve always had to grow things on the porch, and our porch was never right for tomatoes.  But, this year it is!  I was so excited, I had to take a picture, first ever tomato!  🙂  I put it in the refrigerator for later, and then we sliced it up thinly to put on my veggie burger later that night.  It was so delicious.  So much better than the mostly flavorless tomatoes we’ve been getting from the store lately.  (And yes, I do know that there is a problem with growing tomatoes right now!)  Still, we grew it all by ourselves, on our porch, and maybe for that reason alone it tasted tastier than normal.

Master and me daydream all the time about the yard we’re going to have when we finally buy a house..  And how many fruits and veggies we’re going to grow in it!

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